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  1. I tried that as well, it didn't work. My new Chor/Project is working fine. I have no idea what happened with the other one, I'm just thankful I wasn't further along than I was. In case I haven't mentioned it, I really appreciate your support.
  2. This seems to have worked. I have no idea what happened in the previous project... and I hope I don't repeat it.
  3. I opened a previous project and all is well. Somehow, somewhere in my current project, I must have made an adjustment or something that caused this, but I am at a loss as to what it might be. Seeing how I haven't progressed very far (60 frames) I may just start a fresh project and see what the brings.
  4. Yes. I have a character, I've created a few poses with keyframes. It's only 60 frames long, I selected the play range button, and nothing. On my keyboard I selected control/home and that worked, control/end also works. Just tapping end from 1st frame does not work. I can press + & - to go thru frames one at time, but it will not go in real time so can evaluate my animation.
  5. Suddenly, mysteriously, the play range button at the bottom of the screen isn't working and neither is the "home" or "end" buttons on the keyboard. Tried a reset settings and toolbar - nope, tried rebooting computer - nope, not sure what to try next... Anyone ever have this problem before? If so, what fixed it?
  6. You might also see if when you click in the Chor2 in properties, the click distance (at 20, but wanted to adjust) it crashes... it crashes if I click on objects in the properties window...kinda flummoxed.
  7. Okay, I got Flocking to work...sort of. I got the birds flocked (12 of them) but only the actual bird is flapping (using his action) The others are just gliding, no wing action, plus as the go around the circular path, they spin and point backwards. What did I forget or miss? Plus, even with a settings reset, if I click on "jitters" it crashes...
  8. The beautiful thing about TAoAM is that the more you explore and tinker, the more you discover. I clicked on the gray area of the toolbar at the top that was already displayed and found "draw"...it appeared at the bottom of my screen... Beautiful!
  9. When I go to views, this is how my tool bars is displayed - grey.
  10. Thank you. It's probably in one of the manuals but i failed to locate it.
  11. Thank you, Rodney. As for the turning off and on of particles, the "shift 8" may work fine but isn't there an indicator somewhere that shows you the status? I don't know where to look.
  12. Was just wondering why, when I change the view settings (clicking off Community and Property Info) this black are remains in their place?
  13. and now it's working again...confused, bewildered, and curious, but not giving up. I on a deadline and will do any workaround I have to, like making multiple instances of butterflies VS flocking. I think I must have done something weird in the settings, don't know what it was but I'll keep trying after I finish this project. Thanks for all the advice and help. Kem
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