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  1. Looks really cool! I especially like the rock it's all sitting on. Is it mostly a material?
  2. Wow! Very atmospheric! I can see a game in that!
  3. Not bad at all! The wings look abit thin and when he jumps his back legs go forward instead of back. Keep it up.
  4. I just get sound and a black picture when viewing the animations
  5. Here's a scene from a pda adventure game I'm working on. All work done in AM with a little help from Photoshop. The car was inspired by pictures in this very forum! C and C welcome.
  6. The second one is best I think. It obviously shouldn't go as deep as that. I think also, it should die out faster and not ripple back in.
  7. Great work John! I'd love to see a run through on how you made the car if you had the time. Or even a wireframe of it.
  8. Excellent! You don't need any help
  9. Most of the time, I find it's faster to redo things than to try and hack away at an existing model. In fact, it's double faster because I've learned how to do it better along the way. No model is useless, no matter if you use it or not. A good way to model is to work in 2 dimensions first. Then when you are happy with the distribution of the splines, you can start pulling the points out in the third dimension. You may even consider sketching the model first and using that as a background template. Also, remember, you only have to model half the face and flip it over. Happy modelling!!
  10. I wish my first model was as good as that! Good stuff....like the teeth In order to know if he'll animate well, we'd need to see the underlying wireframe. Keep it up!
  11. I just want to echo the support....your skill and patience are God-sent!
  12. Got you now I'm going to keep stride length on and adjust the positions of the markers. Thanks.
  13. Right. I turned off "Has Stride length" and now I can see the "Repeat" option. If I read you right, the higher the Repeat number, the the more strides he will do. If so, I'm putting the Repeat up to 100 and he's not going any faster than when it's at 1. Is it me or my machine?
  14. Hi Randy Hmm....you're right. I'm reading the 2002 manual and it also has it in the Animation Master:2002 book. It *was* there, so, it makes me wonder why it was taken out. Anyway, thanks for the reply
  15. Me again Do you know where I can find the Repeat option? I want to make him cycle more times over the same distance and time. It's not in the same place as the Ease as it shows in the manual.
  16. Hi, I'm in the middle of making a character walk. I've been following the manual to the letter on how to do stride lengths. I've done it and added my character to a path, however, it talks about an ease constraint in the walk properties....it's not in mine as you can see in the pic. How do I get it?
  17. Just saw this...amazing! I suppose her head is meant to be big?
  18. Does anyone know why I can't get this guys iris to render. It's a material as opposed to a decal. I'm including the heirarchy to make it clearer.
  19. KenH

    Photon Room

    That's a beautiful room! Great work! It's also encouraging to hear that your AM works non-stop for a day and a half without problems. Given that I'm doing a simple room at the moment, I'd be interested to know if you used "light lists" in this image. ( I didn't see it mentioned in the posts I browsed) Cheers.
  20. Hello. Thanks for the helpful replies. Here's the result of about 1.5 hours tweaking. 1 The shadows are much better now. I didn't want there to be just blackness, so I ended up reducing the size of the light source. Seemed to do the trick. Thanks anyway. 2 I just can't nail this one. I re-decaled it but there seems to be a problem with the angle of the camera. I put a test camera in there looking face onto the wall and it wasn't problematic. 3 I think this was overcome by deleting a "duplicate skin" over that wall. This probably occured when points were grouped in 2 seperate groups? Unfortunately it didn't solve previous problem. Anyway, I'm happier with the look now. Just the wall paper to sort. Also, if anyone has any advice on any other aspect of the pic, I'd welcome it. Thanks.
  21. Here's a room I'm making for a game with Alpha 8 Win 2000. I'm having abit of trouble getting it to look good. The current issues are: 1 Shadows within shadows. That can't happen in reality given that there is only one light source. 2 Anomaly in wallpaper which is a decal used on all the walls. There is no spline located there 3 The outline of the table(and shelf) is taking on the colour of the wall under the decal (I have the opacity at 50% to get varying shades on each of the walls) Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks. [img]http://kenheslip_1.tripod.com//sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/room.jpg[/img] PS After loading the project it takes an age to save the first time, but then it's back to normal after that. Is there anyway to avoid that?
  22. Hmm....intruiging, very intruiging.....look forward to seeing more.
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