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    Painting, sculpting, making wearable masks(prosthetic appliances) any kind of art and especially creating on the PC modding photos and now modeling in 3d.
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    Home built Intel core 2 extreme quad @3.0 ghz ,4 gigs of DDR2@1066mhz, 2 Geforce 9600 GT's in SLI mode, Asus P5N-T nforce 780I motherboard and 2 WD raptor 150 gb hdd's in a raid configuration running Windows Vista home premium. 42" philips LCD tv as my monitor

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    Scott J Holt
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    Florida,s space coast.
  1. Scottj3d

    Back again

    Wow another 5 years. Looking into 3d printing but gotta update.Still see a few old timer's on here but need to spend some time to catch up on who's doing what. Used to know my way around here.
  2. Scottj3d

    Back again

    I haven't been splining since 2006 but recently fired "my" latest copy of AM V15 up and am starting to model again. Never got too deep in the animation part of AM but I had forgotten how much I enjoy modeling and although still learning in the chorwindow I enjoy setting up the image's. Still have some health issue's but I hope to improve my modeling skill's and maybe spend a bit more time catching up here.
  3. The more you practice and possibly screw up the more you learn. Go back in a few years and compare how you build then to how you build now and you'll be suprised at what wasn't 2nd nature before.
  4. Learning the tools and how splines work is key. Practice adding, detaching, reconnecting and cutting splines and practice with the lathe and extrusion tools. It does take time but the more you practice the techniques for modelling you will start "knowing" how to make and connect the part's you need to make a clean model. Colin's tutorials will help alot if you take the time to study them.
  5. Maybe this will help. I did my best to take you through the process. I can tell you like modelling and that spaceliner is pretty cool with the seating. Getting familiar with basic splinage takes time and practice. A couple of tip's, try not to have more than 2 splines intersecting in a CP as it causes creases, practice cutting and re-routing splines that do not "flow" smoothly. Look into creating some window's to show off those seat's. I'll try to make another step by step diagram to show you how to do that. Like I said, it will take time to get the hang of it but you're well on your way to modelling some cool ship's. Hope this help's!
  6. You had an invalid patch there. I fixed it. Just an issue you will learn to see as you gain experience. AM_Ships_Human_Fixed.zip
  7. I am in the process of rigging these legs and would like to know how to make the joints move like a jacknife. I'm thinking I need to use a euler constraint and only allow the leg's to move on the Y axis. I've never been too good at rigging and plan to have IK off if I attempt to animate it or position it for still's. There will be a ball type swivel at the point where the leg's attatch to the thorax but that will be the only part that "swivel's". The leg joint's themselves as stated, I want to fold like a jacknife so that the part's dont "pop" out of the hinges. I've only added bones to the front leg's at this point for testing but also is there a way to copy a string of bones to add them to the other leg's?
  8. On my current project I have done something like what you discribe. If you have multiple models in a project you can have the model you want to copy a part from open then copy the group in question then close that model window. Double click the model you want to copy it into in the pws to open it's window and click the paste icon or use the shortcut on the keyboard to do so. On my chevelle I have the motor and the car as seperate models but once the motor is complete I plan to copy it into the car model. You can use the hide shortcut to avoid having to do that when the splinage gets heavy but sometimes it's easier to build your part as a seperate model. I do this all the time so I know it works.
  9. Find the file where you saved it to then right click it and you will get the option to send/ to zipped folder.
  10. Try right clicking (if you're running windows XP) the file and send it to a zip folder. You should then be able to upload the zipped folder..
  11. At 299.00 it's an excellent purchase. You have to learn to think in splines but as far as the softwares modelling capability there is nothing that you cannot make with AM. It takes time to learn. I bought AM to learn to model in 3d with no previous experience and that's mainly what I do with it but it has alot more power than I am even coming close to using. I consider it one of the best investment's I ever made and I'm sure once you buy it and begin to learn to use the tools provided you will agree. And as luckbat said you have free 24-7 support here on the forum which will aid you well in the learning process. Have Fun!
  12. Dinocarl thats some nice movement on those feathers! I have a model I'm working on with very similar wing with fewer feathers but I haven't got it moving that well yet. I never thought to use hair for the feathers though.
  13. Hi all, I'm back. I have the wings set up with all the bones as I did for the test rig. On the right wing the null at the tip of bone 3 which bone 3 has a kinematic constraint to. I am getting a strange behavior problem. The null appears to have a kinematic to the bone but it sliding up and down the bone like a securitychain in the slot on a door. I have the same constraint set up on the left wing and it works right. When the null is dragged towards the center it pulls bone 3 with it, but it is only working that way on the left wing. On the right it slides up the bone and then pulls it in. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. This is probably old new's to the Pro's(or just experienced riggers). I've been struggling to rig this Seraphim with all his armor that doesn't move like a typical character. It just dawned on me that I can go into the modelling window, select the group I want to assign to a particular bone hit the hide key then click bones mode. There you see only the groups you want to see and assign them to the bone really quick.
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