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  1. That was freakin' awesome!! We have some problems with the AM Films submission mechanism, so I have to put them up myself right now. I'll try to get this up soon. Did you have some video reference for the dancing? It really looks great. And thanks for submitting to AM Films!
  2. Stephen, we're all blown away here at Hash. You've topped yourself again, by a factor or 10 at least! I've booked a flight to London so that I may shake you by the hand sir! I was going to go to work the booth at MacExpo, but after seeing the new animation, that's just secondary to meeting you again. :-) We would very much like to show this in our booth at our upcoming trade shows. We will make sure everyone knows you are the talent behind this. A:M was the conduit. You know, I'm going to stop typing and watch it again!
  3. Great work Chris! Thanks to you, I have something I can brag about when I go to my fencing club. I haven't been faring so well in the local competitions, so thank goodness I can whip the latest issue of American Fencer, and show off the great Leon Paul ads. I also would have sworn that mask was a photo. Amazing work!
  4. Are all of the films on this site made with A:M? If so, can we put them up on A:M Films and link to your site? Great work!!
  5. Can you convert these to Sorenson 3 Quicktime? Divx has cross platform issues. Thanks!
  6. Great job guys!! We'd love to see you post some of your amazing work up on A:M Films. I know that some of your clients won't let you, but we should put the rest up. We've been getting a LOT more activity on A:M Films lately, and every film you post will have a link back to your site. Last week we got 43,000 unique hits in a single day!! As more blogs link to us, we're going to see more days like that. It would give you guys a lot more exposure. You guys totally rock! -Ken Baer. Hash, Inc.
  7. Please, please, please submit a QuickTime version to A:M Films!! We are all big fans of your work here at Hash! Keep it up, and submit them!
  8. Very nice!! Can't wait to see more of this! The swashbuckler appeals to the fencer in me.
  9. You should submit this film to A:M Films.
  10. These are really great. You should consider posting them to A:M Films. I really like the flower one.
  11. Just send me the description and I'll post it for you. But, the submission page for A:M Films will be up soon, it's pretty close.
  12. You can't browse the mirror, but if you find something in the pub/movie you want to watch, you can use that name on the mirror.
  13. Here's the link to the Captain Quazar Quicktime. http://www.s1.hashmirror.com/ftp/pub/movie...ptainQuazar.mov The game came out about 7 years ago, so it's long gone. And since this thread was originally about "Balls and Blocks", here's the link to that film. http://www.s1.hashmirror.com/ftp/pub/movie...lsAndBlocks.mov I know some of you found movies on our FTP site, but it would help us out a lot if you go to the mirror site to get them. ftp/pub/movies is mirrored at www.s1.hashmirror.com/ftp/pub/movies. The mirror is much faster and won't bog down our server. So, i
  14. Great film! I hope every SW fan gets to see it. The gang at Hash really enjoyed it. Many people have the dream of "making their own Star Wars" film on their kitchen table. You have actually done it. We salute you! Keep up the good work!
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