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  1. For some strange reason, I totally missed this thread. I'm so glad I finally found it though. Truly amazing work Dusan! Truly amazing!! /Anders
  2. I don't know where you've got that information, but 1.07 is way too low. 1.5 is a good for ordinary glass.
  3. Bruce, I think you and Dick have a winner. It's great and important! /Anders
  4. I think I have already tried everything, but I'm still on v12.0w. Maybe this is only working in v13? Probably not, but can anyone confirm Object Collision working in v12.0w?
  5. BUMP! I just tried this again, but still no luck What is it that I don't understand? or is this in fact a broken feature?
  6. I never found a way to do this with the v12 SDK, but for v12 there is a workaround involving copying dll:s from the v11 install. I wouldn't be surprised if the workaround works for v13 too. With the v13 SDK I think it's possible again, however, but since I don't have access to A:M v13, I can't debug the plugin. When I upgrade my A:M licence and find some time, I will continue with this and some other plugins.
  7. Kul idé! Jag har lättast att komma ifrån på eftermiddagar må,ti,to. Välj en tid och plats så ska jag se till att försöka vara där /Anders
  8. Don't expect too much. It's more like a simple image processing plugin rather. The method I use is described here and the plugin just "collects" the prints. I haven't got time to write any documentation for this tool at the moment so just take it far what it is, experiment with it and expect it to crash A:M and destroy your computer... You reach the plugin by right clicking a footprint image sequence To make things even more confusing, I just realized that contrary to the tutorial, the plugin expects white prints on black background. I will make that optional in a day or two. Unzip the file and place the FootPrints002.hxt file in the hxt folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Hash Inc\V11.1\hxt) The plugin is tested in v11.1i and it does not work in v12 or v13. [attachmentid=13640] FootPrints002.zip
  9. Maybe a non-isotropic surface? Like when mud and clay mix around on the ground? Not really a deep concern, just trying to clarify... No, it only makes an animated displacement map from the history of how far below the ground any model in the scene has been. It's possible to develop this very simple idea much further of course, but I'm not sure I will. It's just something I played with
  10. "... a variety of prints?" Not sure I understand. The print will reflect the foot shape. Does that answer your question?
  11. Sure, but I have problem implementing this in v12/v13. I have a simple plugin for v11.1 that I could donate to TWO, should you want it. Probably, but it's easier with a plugin, I think. [attachmentid=13630] M04a.mov
  12. Sorry, I missed this post. I save out to 16 bit in my own little program, but I think it's possible in the latest version of Photoshop and PSP. 3D foot prints are also possible: [attachmentid=13627]
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