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  1. Even if it could find the cd drive, you won't be able to run A:M in WIndows via Parallels, because Parallels doesn't support any 3d realtime options, such as OpenGL or Direct3d. The only option is to set up Bootcamp and run A:M in a fully Windows system. Jim
  2. A:M v11 is not a Universal Binary app. So it won't run on an Intel Mac, even with Rosetta. To use A:M on an Intel Mac you need v13 or the v14 beta. Jim
  3. Wow, that got me psyched up about cleaning up! Great job! Jim
  4. The tilde key is the one under the esc key in the upper left corner of your keyboard. It took me a while to remember that back when I started with A:M. Jim
  5. Yes, but it's the old shag type of particle hair. I wasn't going to do a fancy hair style, so I just gave it a direction map and pushed it all back with a force object in the chor. It probably looks a little funny from the side, but it was quick. Jim
  6. Here's a comparison for Nancy, of the before and after images when I use the DreamyPhoto effect Photoshop plugin. It slightly zoom blurs a copy of the image, tints it (in this case a soft red) and adds it back on top at whatever opacity you decide. To me it takes away a lot of the hardness and rawness, while retaining the sharp edges of the original image and not blurring everything. This example is from a 1 pass preliminary render (without AA) so that's why the edges are pretty jagged. I can't find the final render without the DreamyPhoto effect. Grr... I'm sure all of this could be
  7. If the cp's have retained the same name/number, you **may** be able to do it in a text editor, by replacing the mesh info of the rigged model with mesh info and decal info of the textured model. Maybe. Just make sure you save them as new models or work on copies before trying to combine them. Jim
  8. Here: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10186&hl= Jim
  9. Very nice look to the whole production! Nice style to the characters and backgrounds. It will be fun to see the progress! Thanks for sharing, Jim
  10. WEEKENDS!!!!! Weekends, he says! Wow...............
  11. Stephen, It's amazing! Every aspect of it is at such a high level. You've made a piece that rivels any professional studio out there...singlehandedly (or close to it)! Bravo! Jim
  12. Very nice, Patrick! He's come a long way from where he started! Congrats, Jim
  13. Looks really great, Jeff! Congrats! Jim
  14. Oops! I just realized this was the Showcase section of the forum. Sorry about the crit. Jim
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