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    2.4 Gz Athlon 64, Widows XP Pro, 2Gb Mb RAM, 128 Mb Video Net render and "the farm". Lots of other "Stuff" too.

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  1. Here is an image of our last A:M project. The vehicles were modeled by Rodger Reynolds and Matt Campbell, great job guys.
  2. Yes that program has a good reputation. The shortest way though is to create a new model from scratch in A:M. You'll spend a boat load of hours trying to get it to import, and you'll find it still isn't right. A:M isn't intended to to work with other programs, in the sense of model interchangability.
  3. I think Stian should create a car tutorial for sale. He has some apprehension about how to do it, but I think it would be a big seller. Just my opinion. (I need to be careful, don't want to have the guys I buy vehicle models from, thinking I am trying to influence the market) David
  4. Yes it was 2 neons in the accident, pretty strange huh? And yes I am gathering quite a collection of vehicles. And yes they do get smashed pretty good (Neons). David
  5. They are going to work fine for our purposes. Stian is a great talent, and a joy to work with. We communicated/chatted almost every day. Both these cars are going to get messed up pretty bad though.... David
  6. Absolutely fantastic work! David
  7. Thanks for the comments. It is not rigged right now. It's usage is open at this point. David
  8. Here is a project we are working on. The model was created by Xtaz. Texturing by us. David spine_Dustinproductions.mov
  9. Animusic did some stuff for Kansas (rock band, not the state), that was awesome. David
  10. Colin, We live right between Cartersville and Calhoun on Interstate 75 (exit 306). It is about 40 miles from your house I think. David
  11. It has been a long time since the Atlanta group got together. With Colin out of the hospital now, we needs to get one scheduled. We have met in Atlanta the times I have attended. We have talked about possibly meeting in Chattanooga. Martin has hinted he may be interested in providing shirts etc.... Just let me know your preferences. As an alternative, we could meet at my home. We live in between Atlanta and Chattanooga, right off the interstate. Depending on the weather, we could have a volleyball game afterwards. Families are welcome. We will have wireless access setup and refreshments. Please let others in the Atlanta, Chattanooga area know,,,, Thanks, David
  12. Mark, I am having a bit of a hard time getting the rig to work. I followed the instructions to the best of my ability (which would be a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10) and can't get it to work. Any revisions to your rig? Thanks, David
  13. Robert, To have them do it without having to add constraints to each and every one requires you to code the mdl file by hand. If you only have a few trees it isn't too bad. We have 100's David
  14. Robert can you be a little more specific as to your goal? First priority is trees. I figure I can use the Hair function for grass of most any height. I saw, and bookmarked, the Zpider tutorial for trees, but the design-type that you get from that isn't what I need. At the moment I'm thinking about using the Hair function on a series of distorted spheres with short, flat hairs, and maybe, just maybe I can stack them to make a convincing tree. I'm using v.11 at the moment so the v.13 plug-in isn't possible until I upgrade, which probably wan't be far off. I'm building a frontier garrison post, patterened after the mud-brick construction in Timbuktu and Mali. I'd like to add some trees between the buildings. Mostly only the upper part of the trees will be seen. The HERO DUDE is just for scale, so steps and doors look reasonable [attachmentid=20930] The best way to create trees is make them from patch panels. You create a simple rectangle made from 2 patches and use a image targa image as a cookie cutter. The panel can be constrained to aim at the camera or a better solution is to add a bone to the panel and have the aim roll handle, aim roll at a master null. This master null can be constrained to any camera in the scene, effectively giving you most of the benefits of hair without all the slowdown and other inherent issues with hair (look out for hair jitter). If you can find an image of the tree you want, hopefully it comes with an alpha channel, otherwise you will need to create one. We are building our library (I keep saying I'm going to sell it but.....) and have over 13 trees that are hard coded to automatically aim at a master null, as well as having a 2nd constraint for making the top of the tree move, In unison, like the wind. You can use the MMOP plugin (multiple models on Path) from Stephen Gross to drop hundreds of auto constrained trees at a time. You would need to create the same thing for V11 trees, as V13 models will not sork with V11. Hope this helps
  15. Robert can you be a little more specific as to your goal? Trees? Grass? Plants? David
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