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  1. Nevermind.. I can't get a successful OBJ import as a model from anything I have available. Ugh. The geometry comes in almost right but the materials don't show up properly. Maybe I should code my own up!
  2. Ok, I'm sure the problem is on my end, but I thought I'd post here and ask just in case anyone has any helpful information. I have a number of object in .OBJ format, with materials. Import seems to be a bit hit and miss on whether I get any materials in at all, which is pretty understandable. I have texture maps for all the materials but I'm sure there are some odd settings somewhere! Is there anything I should look out for in importing/exporting OBJ files to use in other applications? Any gotchas, or things I shouldn't do? I have Silo and that's what I've been using to twiddle my
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSS! Thanks, I must have poked that when I was flailing around with my landscape model.. ugh! I learned something new today, thanks to you! It renders fine now!
  4. Ok, I'm sure I must have done something wrong, but somehow my model has glow applied. I've tried deleting and replacing the material, no joy. Rendering in the model window (to check the effects of changng the material) seems to always apply glow, and I've looked (I think) everywhere for something that will turn it off. In desperation I turned it off in the chor, which had no effect (didn't think it would). Does anyone have any insights as to how I can turn glow off globally? I'm kind of lost. All help appreciated! A:M V12.0w, P4 3.0GHz, Radeon 9600xt video card, 2GB RAM.
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