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  1. Tried the 10.5 version with a sprite leave set of green feathers nice trunk maker picture with and without "leaves" Thanks johnl3d
  2. Since space was the theme this month I decide to post what if I remember was my attempt earlier at a planet.. hade some ring work tp fix johnl3d
  3. Well I played with the lightning and added some "lights" to it I set up a simple mocked city under the bolt and here is what I got Its not done but better lightninga.mov
  4. working on an over head shot where lightning flashes across and down thought I's try using render as lines this is the first draft of that idea looking for suggestions the scene will also have storms clouds and rain lightning.mov
  5. I posted thi in the ot section awhile ago www.FaceGen.com
  6. My advise is to try to read all the posts..I would say list mail but not everyone has that now. I have tried to read every piece I could and download and save whatever sample projects models etc that people offered. You might think that something you read does not pertain to what your doing now but you might need it later. The other thing is to not be afraid to try to do something. Your computer will not explode if you goof up a project and usually you learn frm your mistakes. But of course you have to a general understanding of how everything works so yes read the manual , do the tuts. and have fun. I usually post simple projects so feel free to visit . Now I'll have to get links to all the version 10 to 11 projects I've posted that would help. old site http://www.geocities.com/johnl3d/ current site http://johnl.inform.net/ johnl3d latest tut posted http://johnl.inform.net/pages/toon.swf.html
  7. I have to get my update now for sure..nice looking trees ...more stuff to fool witth johnl3d
  8. hope he doesn't have to sit...he has no butt....lol I can't model so thats all I'm saying..
  9. looking very nice..as if thats a surprise..lots of hard work looking forward to the treeing of the street
  10. also study the models on the cd..etc they might give you ideas as to how to each part of a face is shaped..as suggested also start with a vase ..etc..everyone wants to make a face or dragon right away..I have fun with am and my modeling skills are minimal but I understand a lot about how the rest of AM works so have a little fun and relax try the tuts available then make your face/head/dragon I attached a very early model I did following the direction in Aniamation Master second edition by Jeff Paries. It was easy because you could just follow the tut. johnl3d
  11. Looks like you figured out version 10 ! Great ideas!
  12. make the window patches a group and give it any attribute you want..
  13. great job !!! ..feel I should render a can of raid just to be safe johnl...3d
  14. Nice effect...great use of AM 's potential
  15. I was trying to do a slow motion reaction to a blod drop into a pool of blood the first attempt was using a animated displacement map but the was not perfect I am now trying to animate it with a pose slider and this is the raw attempt Remember its the first render no adjustemnts just checking the action http://johnl.inform.net/pages/bloodcircle.htm in other words tell me what you think johnl...the man of a too many posts ..some of them occasionally useful....3d
  16. you asked for Hairy water Iham Wrong http://johnl.inform.net/pages/hairywater.htm when here's a first attempt
  17. I did't think it was set....just trying out different ideas ..this one a little computer intensive
  18. Nice character ..very colorful. Makes me wonder what you had for dinner in order to create it...
  19. turned out better then I hoped for raw attempt...since blobbiness can be adjusted that might help with the liquidity of the flow.. Thanks for the render..nice to see the idea in action. johnl3d
  20. You make it look so simple..Nicely done again
  21. Nice work !!! I have had your site bookmarked for awhile if I ever figure out how to model
  22. Nice use of sprites... by the way I looked at the toon problem a little and didn't see a solution eithertoo many ripples that are slightly two small too many ripples that are slightly two small
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