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  1. so heres what hes gonan look like! Im glad you like that hat texture. thanks man
  2. Well its just his face. I have him drawn out. Yeah he'll be rigged. Im still working on the face. yeah I can put wireframe shots up.
  3. Hey everybody its been a while since I've even touched A:M Well I decided to pick it up and make something. Here is the head of my character. -Robert Fiermonte
  4. you know he works for Pixar right?
  5. Now I am in no postion for critiquing, but I feel the ring around his head shoudn't be there! I personally feel it drags away from the character! thats about it! keep up the good worki! -Robert Fiermonte
  6. dude! Make Squee and then do an animation with squee and jthm!
  7. Paul Hogan from crocodile dundee?
  8. what would be cool is to have a fly through the city. going through tunnels and stuff, or whatever.
  9. I would like to see him with more realistic eyes. I think that would be cool
  10. I like it better than the original.
  11. I know this is an old and dead topic but I want to download this plugin but where is the hxt folder?
  12. for ears why dont you just drag some sples that are from the mask part and extend them so they look like he has ears. good model very well done. When I Can't wait to see the body.
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