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  1. pkayed around wuth my monster ddddddddd.prj
  2. beentinkering around to make a monster as a project ..what if anything do you like or would make it better this is just a fun project
  3. You can see his :blood" flow insideguy.prj
  4. tried this old model and got weird things with it reacting Boy.mdl
  5. just tinkering around not great but you can play with it if you want nowaymore.prj
  6. tryed a quick attempy to use the image to make Thom cat_like
  7. Not sure how I got them but thought they might be interesting
  8. simplely.avi mp4 version: simplely.mp4 nreguy.prj
  9. tryiong out idea ratseatcheese.avi mp4 version: ratseatcheese.mov ratscheese.prj newrat2.tga
  10. thank you for making my evenings fun
  11. Did a somewhat change to the Thom model to get him to be santa santaCOMES.prj
  12. ball guy tinker ..the origin and a change that was suggestion ballguy.mdl
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