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  1. Ah, that explains it... you practically help build the program.
  2. Just wanted to post what I found out - if you copy and paste an additional frame (not copy and paste mirrored) at 00:01:10 of 00:00:00 then it will interpolate the "spine" bones 00:20:00 - 00:01:05 that it wouldn't copy and paste mirrored - becuase of what Robert mentioned above - also it will make it a perfect transition w/ no jerking... hope that made sense.
  3. How do you know all this?? Thanks - Eric
  4. Hello - I am making a walk cycle for a new character I created and I am trying to "copy" and "paste mirrored" frames, but for some reason it isn't copying and pasting part of it - from the "hip bone" up - so Hips, head, back, and back 2. Any ideas on why? Thanks - Eric
  5. Hi Everyone - thanks for all the help and workaround suggestions.
  6. I created a print screen - you can see the CellTurb is a mix of the two browns which is showing on the sphere, but the hair is still white - it is not picking up the color of the underlying CellTurb? Thank you, this is really frustrating - been on it for hours.
  7. Hi Robert - thanks for your reply - no there isn't any color specified. I set it up exactly like the "tutorial" on the link I posted above. The only thing is the hair emitter with the question mark next to it has a "+" next to it, and mine doesn't is there something there that is telling it to us the underlying "cell turbulence" color? It isn't using that for some reason - and the hairs are white. Any other ideas I might be doing wrong. Thanks again.
  8. Hi - I am practicing w/ hair and was trying duplicating the orange hair sample at the bottom of this page http://www.hash.com/Technical_Reference/v110/Hair.htm I get everything, but the issue that I am having now and awhile back is the hair is not taking it's color from the underlying surface's color (CellTurb conbiner) it is white. Is there some setting on am not doing? Thanks for any help.
  9. Interesting point... let me double check that. Thanks, I am guessing that solves the big mystery.
  10. Hi - I am having an issue w/ hair on my model, so I created a new hair material and didn't change any of the settings and applied it to a half circle from the library. I applied the exact same hair material to a part of my model and the hair is coming out odd... very large on the model - does this look familiar to anyone? Not sure why it is doing this. The first image is the hair material on part of my model - the second is on the half circle. They are around the same size to 6" Thanks, Eric
  11. Thank you Mark - that is what I thought, but just wanted to double-check.
  12. Ahh - thank you both - I was selecting the CP's and going up to - "file" - "plug-ins" - "wizards" instead of right clicking. Thanks again.
  13. Hello - does anyone know if you backup a model - does it also backup all the pose sliders associated with it? Or is that something you have to do seperately? Thanks, Eric
  14. Hi Caroline - yes, I have the CP's selected... I have the Extruder, but not the sweeper. I have the following under wizards -Terrain -Grid -Font -AI -Explode/Rebuild -Extruder I remember using the Duplicator wizard with version 14 awhile back. So not sure what the problem is - thanks for your time. ;-)
  15. flashawd


    Nice - thank you for all the samples. ;-)
  16. Hi Caroline - thanks again - that refreshed my memory. Have a great weekend. ;-)
  17. Hi - for some reason when I have the timeline open and I highlight "diffuse color" for example nothing is showing in the timeline that I can modify. Another example - when I highlight "Thickness" to modify it in the timline graph - there is no graph to modify - nothing is in the timeline section - am I doing something wrong, or not have a setting set? Thanks - Eric
  18. Hi Caroline - that was the exact link thank you. Brush on on hair.. funny ;-) Thanks again, Eric
  19. flashawd


    Hi - yes that's helpful, thank you.
  20. Hi Caroline - awhile back you very nicely posted some printscreens showing exactly how to shape hair (material) in the timeline - it was specifically for the "feathers" of a Tucan model I had created. I am creating grass using hair material and cannot find that post, I need it to brush up on how to do it... do you mind seeing if you can find your post and send me the link? ;-) Thanks - Eric
  21. flashawd


    Hi - can anyone show me a sample of a lawn of grass they have done using hair material? Thanks, Eric
  22. Hi Rodney and Caroline - Yes, I am in the modeling and selected something to duplicate, I checked that. When I go to options I have -Program Files \ Hash Inc \ V15.0 \ HXT (Folders Tab) I checked in that file and there is a "duplicator.hxt" file - so not sure what the problem is... Thanks, Eric
  23. I don't seem to have the - -Files - Plug-ins - Wizards - Duplicator The duplicator isn't in the wizards section - can someone tell me how to get it in there? Thank you, Eric
  24. Thank you Nancy and Mark. ;-) I got it.
  25. Hi - I have a character (robot) I made for a client and there is one scene where the robot has a wig on. The robot and the wig are two different models. I created on bone on the wig called "wigbone" and a bone on top of the character head called "head bone" - I am trying to to a Kinematic Constraint to attach the wig to the robots head. Clicking on the wig's bone "wigbone" and right clicking and choosing "Kinematic constraint" and choosing the "head bone" - it is showing that I picked the correct bone and it is 100% enforced in the properties, but the bone isn't jumping on the robots head?
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