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  1. Thanks Rob - these last couple of questions I have posted, you would think I just started using this program. ;-) Have a great weekend - Eric
  2. I am just reading - it says "Before continuing, make sure particle physics are turned on, your timeline is at 0" where do I find "particle physics"? I am looking through the chor and also the object....
  3. Hi - I have to create a "rain" situation for a project I am doing and downloaded a couple of different project files from the forum and I can get any of them to work. For example I download http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29163 and I have the chor open and scroll over the timeline and getting nothing. I have played w/ this project file before and it worked fine. Do I not have something turned "ON"? Any help would be great. I dont' know if it matters, but I recently updated to V15f I think it is. Thanks - E
  4. Hi John - thanks for the link - nice job blowing snoopy up. ;-) I download it, and picking apart the chor. I notice you have in Plug-in properties "Newton Dynamics" turned on - Use as "Dynamic Object". What am I missing - how do you apply that to the model? Thanks for all your help - Eric
  5. Thanks guys - I downloaded the "Explode Rebuildmodel" plug-in and searched the forum, but like HomeSlice coulnt' find directions on how to use Newton Dynamics to make it break. I found an earler posting from you John "you right click the model and choose the plugin wizard explode rebuild then depending on the model and settings it can take some time to setup and build the exploding model then set as a dynamic exploding model in newton...be sure at least ground is static then simulate newton" How do I "then set as a dynamic exploding model in newton..."? I am guessing bring the
  6. Hi - about a year ago I saw something on the forum where something was applied to an object and it realistically broke into pieces? Does anyone know what I am talking about, that can refresh my memory? Thanks - E
  7. Thanks Rob - that is about the only key I didn't hit on the keyboard and cause 100 other things to happen ;-)
  8. Hello - I am almost too embarrassed to ask this question since I have been working with this program so long, but here goes - I think I hit some key on the keyboard and the models look like they are all in low res (image below) I have never had this happen, and I didn't know you could switch it to low res - can anyone please tell me what key I hit to get this view? Thanks - Eric
  9. Thanks John - what a great flash application. Rob - here is the original sketch they gave me to model the character after.
  10. Hi Rob - it is one they gave me a scanned sketch drawing of.
  11. www.3dcharacteranimation.biz/patton Get that link button down one of these days ;-)
  12. Hello - I just finished up an animation for a software company, thought I would put it up - thanks again HASH. [email=http://www.3dcharacteranimation.biz/patton]http://www.3dcharacteranimation.biz/patton[/email] Thanks - Eric
  13. Hey guys - thanks for your replies - great job on that anim Rusty!
  14. Hello - I have a project (cartoonish - not realistic) that I have a cloud that I need to have rain coming out of it raining on a character - then have an umbrella come into the scene and block the rain. Does anyone have samples of rain that they have done w/ fluids that they could post a link to? It's cartoonish, so the rain drops could be pretty big. Thanks for any suggestions - Eric
  15. Thanks for the response. It was the old 2002 rig - I am pretty sure it is something I screwed up when smart-skinning the guy - I just decided to re-rig him and that worked fine. Have a great weekend - E
  16. Hello - I am creating a character for a client, which I actually cannot show, so hopefully this makes sense to someone. I created him, added a rig, did the smartskinning and pulled the character into a choreograph. When I select the hip bone and move the character up and down (bending knees) it has an odd movement - the lower body seems to sit there, while the upper body moves down and goes into the mess of the lower body - kind of a delayed reaction (when I render it, it dows the same thing). When I select the hip bone and move it up and down in a chor or an action, the body almost acts li
  17. Thanks guys - it is a little repetitive, but it kind of has to be because it explains everything they have to do for all 4 walls. Believe me, it seemed like it was going on, and on, and on.... ;-)
  18. Hello - just finished up a 12 1/2 minutes long Crown Moulding installation video. It came out pretty good - it was pretty technical because I had to create a tape measure with accurate measurement througout the room, drill screws in, cut the moulding on a saw, apply spacking and sand it off. It was fun, but seemed to go on forever. ;-) Anyway, it's on my site if anyone wants to take a look at it - www.flashanimationwebsitedesign.com - on the lower middle section - "2D and 3D Flash Demonstrations. It's button "06" - 6th sample on the row. - Eric
  19. Can you maybe not be good at something! ;-)
  20. Thank you Nancy and Furchur - worked perfect. ;-)
  21. Hi - I have done it before... I think. ;-) How do you change the background color from the standard blue to a different color in the modeling window - not a chor. Thanks, Eric
  22. Hello - for some reason I bring the "smoke" in from the library and it isn't emitting anything, I have done it several times before, is there a setting I forgot about that turns it on? Thank you, Eric
  23. That will work perfect, thanks again for your help.
  24. I set up an object to "glow" as a pose slider from 0 to 100% but it seems to only work as 0 or 100% nothing inbetween. I know the setting is either off or on - but I thought I would give it a try. I am trying to make a tooth glow - up and down to make it look like it is pulsating showing pain. Any ideas if the glow thing isn't possible would be great. I suppose I could just do glow "off" "on" "off" "on" etc., but I wanted to fade it off and one. Anyway - thanks. - Eric
  25. Thank you Martin. ;-) This worked perfect - it is from the admin from Martin's link above. "You won't need to uninstall, just delete the .lic file located in your master folder. It will most likely be named master0.lic You can verify your expiration date by examining the contents of the file. If you have not yet expired you can also see this info in the "About Box" of Animation:Master. As stated in the threads above, just purchase a new "Subscription" from the web store and use the new activation code after you have removed your old .lic file. (Vista users may need to do the follow
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