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  1. Hey Storm and Rob - thanks for the comments. Funny you say that Rob - the dentist is very cool and I was going to do that as a joke!
  2. Hello - been working on a second tooth animation for my dentist client, the first one was the Veneers. This second one was much more challenging, I had to set up several pose sliders to get the different effects. The most interesting part was creating the "impression" which is like a lump of clay on a mouthpiece that goes in the mouth - then having it pull out w/ an impression of the teeth in the clay. Anyway, here it is if anyone is curious. It's on my site - the lower center under section "2D & 3D Flash Demonstations" - it's the first one just click on "VIEW" http://www.flas
  3. Hello - it's been a few weeks, been working on another tooth animation - hope everyone is doing good. Have a small issue I have a model in a chor and had to make some changes to it, but wasn't sure if the changes were going to work - so I renamed it so I wouldn't effect the original if it didn't come out right. The original is in the chor as "impression2" - the one I want to use is called "impressionFinal". Is it possible to point it to that, so I don't have to go in and redue that portion of the chor? Thanks - Eric
  4. Hi Rob - thanks for the idea, I moved it back 2 pixels in the model, but then when the gums went transparent it showed through, so I had to create a pose slider to make it transparent at that time.. your idea would have worked much better.. ;-) Thanks again - Eric
  5. Figured out the problem - I have 2 upper gums - one for when the tooth is missing - then at the end right when the tooth goes in I have the second one's transparency go to 100%, which was set at 0% for the whole time before that. So for some reason the shadowing is doing making a shadow of the wireframe of the transparent version - anyone know why, and how I can fix it?
  6. Hi - I am getting an odd shadow as if the shadow of mesh in wireframe - you can see it on the upper right of the mouth's shadow. Anyone ever had this happen? Thanks, Eric
  7. Hi John - thanks for the post - I'll look into the ZignTrack motion capture - anything that will help my animating abilities.
  8. Hello - 2-3 weeks back I posted a pic I had a caricature artist draw at Universal Studios http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33132 because I wanted to see how well it would work as a rotoscope for a character... using it worked out pretty good. This isn't really a "work in progress" but I would love some crits. I have created one other "human" as one of my early models and she didn't come out real great - her lip movement for talking was way off too, so I kind of set her way back in the animation, so you couldn't really tell - I need more "human" modeling practice which
  9. Hi John - a couple companies have already beat us to it. ;-) That's exactly what this dentist is also doing. Having me create a series of these to illustrate to his clients the procedures in his office - also creating a website that other dentists can join for a monthly fee - that they can pull up and show their clients.
  10. Hello - the "Veneers Operation" animation is done. My client loved it, I thought it came out pretty good, but I wasn't real happy with the placement of the Veneers on the teeth, it is a little rough - I could have played around with it a bit more and made it look a little, but oh well - we are moving onto the next one - "Single Tooth Replacement" Thanks for all you comments while working on it. http://www.flashanimationwebsitedesign.com...ers400x300.html Eric
  11. oops, I just noticed for some reason this post is not in the newbies.. sorry
  12. Thanks again Rodney, your comments and samples are always helpful
  13. Thank you Caroline, I knew it had to be on there somewhere.
  14. Hello - my little boy broke my manuel into 2 halfes, then that turned into 3 - and the part missing is chapter 12 the pic of the 9 lip poses. Is there anywhere online of a pic of that page that shows an illustration of the poses. I see the video manual, but it doesn't show that page? Thanks - Eric
  15. Hi - I did a search and didn't really see anything about this question. I had a client to put it nicely "didn't really work out" so the new guy uses Lightwave and I was able to export the model as an .obj and that worked great. I created a number of pose sliders as face expressions of the character - is there a way to export these so this poor new guy's life will be a little easier.
  16. Hey John - I know it is a little odd they all have the exact same style. He has some other stuff on his site that is completely different. I am guessing they have a "clone course" they put them through.
  17. Hi - Awhile back I posted asking if anyone knew a really good artist that could create a rotoscope drawing for a character - a couple people nicely responded and had some pretty good drawings they had done. I live out in California in the valley and happen to be up at Universal Studios and noticed they have an area set up with caricature artists, so I decided to have him do one and see how it came out. He is a very talented guy and it came out great. I am using it now to create a character, and it is working pretty well - I probably should have had him do a profile drawing as well. A
  18. Hey Rob - thank you so much, that worked perfect, that was driving my crazy.
  19. Hello - I created several pose slider - the one for example is "mouth open" - it goes from 0 to 100%. To start the animation I set it at 30% slightly open about 3 seconds later I set it to 50% which is where it stays for about 45 seconds then at 45 seconds I set it to 50% again and then set it to close at around 50 seconds. What I don't understand, and I have noticed this with other pose sliders it doesn't maintain an exact 50% from where I have it set at 3 seconds and then 45 seconds - that time inbetween both setting of 50% it goes to 51% then 53%, etc. It is very frustrating - is this so
  20. Hi Furchur - thanks for your reply. No, I checked everything, just something odd - the model I imported in consisted of 8 pieces, so I brought them in seperately - and that worked.. so that was good enough for me.
  21. It is something to do w/ the model because I took a sphere from the library and dropped it in and not having a problem... I'll start experimenting w/ the model and see if I can find what is causing it.
  22. Hello - odd problem. When I drop a new object/model into my chor the "cast shadow" from the main light disappears. When I turn the object active "on" the cast shadow disappears - then on the next frame that I make the object active "off" the shadow comes back. The object is far away from the light, so that isn't an issue - has anyone run into this problem? Thanks, Eric
  23. Great - thank you John, I'll download it and check it out.
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