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  1. I would love any ideas anyone has on how to get the program going, I am right in the middle of a job for a client that is due Monday - and have to quote out another one, and I want to make sure there isn't some issue, so that is on hold too. Help! ;-) Have a good weekend, Eric
  2. It says on the email that is sent "You will be prompted to enter the activation code when you first launch the software" - but it didn't - maybe because mine was already expired. Has anyone had this work for them that can let me know what I need to do? Thanks, eric
  3. Hello - I just went to the products page http://www.hash.com/store/ and paid for a year subscription and it gives me a product code and I download the new subscription. Everything downloaded fine and I installed it on my system. I rebooted my computer and tried to open it, but it says "licenese expired" and when I click on it, it shuts down. I know it installed fine, because there is a new logo of "the goat guy" replacing the Oz logo at startup. I emailed support, and let them know, I'll let you know their response. There used to be a support phone number on the site - I didn't see it th
  4. Alright, I'll be the guinea pig, and let you know how it goes. ;-)
  5. Hello - I tried to open AM and the words come up - License has expired (-3) this has never happened to me before - I am guessing it is the new way it is being done? And is it as simple as going to http://www.hash.com/store/index.php?main_p...f43d22eb17a474a and paying for it and downloading it? Thanks, Eric
  6. I searched the forum some more and found this http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...78&hl=steam - I'll play around with that and see if I can get the perfect settings. Thanks again John.
  7. Hi - I am working on another dental animation and need to show a hot stimulus on the teeth to show expansion and decided to use a cup of coffee - does anyone have a steaming cup of coffee they have done, that they can show me, so I can get a visual of how you did the steam, or something similiar that is "steaming". Thanks, Eric
  8. Thanks everyone for your nice comments - I am getting some good practice and learning a lot from doing all these. I am pretty much accomplishing a lot of it by using pose sliders - the "Single Tooth Replacement" one had about 12 by itself. Thanks again - Eric
  9. Hi - finished up 2 more teeth animations for the dentist - these two had more modeling involved, so they were more fun to do. They are located on my site in the lower middle section "3D Flash Demonstrations" - #2 and #3 are the new ones. The "non surgical tooth advancement" one was pretty challenging getting all the metal tooth components to work properly and look good. The "porcelain onlay" one came out pretty cool - I had to model the machine used to grind down the onlay and show it grinding it down and appear as if water was spraying on the inside - and use different color lights for th
  10. Hi Caroline - Happy Thanksgiving Actually, I didn't really write that clear enough - by staying in the same place I meant the metal mouth brace needed to stay in the exact same place on the teeth as the mouth moves around. I actually just moved it into place and did a Translate and Orient constaint to the upper jaw bone, which is a sub-bone of the main mouth bone.... am I making any sense to anyone buy myself, that wouldn't be something new. Thanks for taking the time - Eric
  11. Alright, I figured out the problem - I had created a pose slider to "open/close" the mouth, and for this particular animation because there was an overbite needed I had to raise the upper jaw for the mouth open pose slider - I realized I had moved the CPs instead of the bone - and that was causing the move movement. I deleted and recreated the open/close pose slider and moved the bone instead - and works perfect now. Thanks.
  12. Hi - I am working on another dental animation and need to have a metal piece move in and attach to the upper jaw bone - then have the mouth close and it stay in the exact place I put it in the chor. I tried using Translate to and Orient Like and also Kinematic... it moves a little bit when I close the mouth because the jaw bone is moving. I tried setting some different interpolation methods - but didn't seem to help. Is it possible to lock it in place like I am trying to do to remain in the exact place I constrain it? Thanks for any help. -Eric P.S. - Happy almost Thanksgiving!
  13. This is odd... instead of having one emitter pointing up and having the "fluid" go upward - I decided to have 4 at angles - 2 pointing toward the right side and 2 the left direction. For some reason the only one showing on the render is one of the emitters pointing toward the left. The really odd part is I can see the shadow and reflection of the fluid in the water on the left and right sides, but not the red fluid. Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks - Eric
  14. Definately will - I don't know how the rendering time is going to work on this project for me... see what I can do and I'll post. Thanks - E
  15. Hey John - thank you, that was it. The Multipass was actually off - didn't even know it was there. Here it is set a 16 - it's making everything else a little blurry - I'll try different settings. Thanks again, for your help. -E
  16. Hello - I attached an image - I am using fluids and getting a black circle outline on the water droplets. Is there a setting under the fluid emitter or something that is causing this? Thanks - Eric
  17. Thanks Furchur - that might have been the problem - I'll check it out. ;-)
  18. Hi John - I saved it as .ai version 3 and it came in perfect. Thanks again for your help.
  19. Thanks John - it is bringing it in kind of weird - I'll play around w/ some of the setting and see if I can get it in correct. Thanks again. -E
  20. Hi - for some reason I thought I was able to import an .ai file into AM awhile back - but now I am not seeing how I would bring it in. Can anyone tell me if it is possible? Thanks for your help - Eric
  21. Hi John - thank you. I also downloaded the fluids tutorial and played around with that - and got some ideas.
  22. Hello, hope everyone is good - it's been awhile since I posted, I have working on teeth animations... getting a bit boring. Anyway, I have a new client that wants his logo merging out of some water, kind of as a fountain... I was thinking I could bring his logo in as an .ai file and 3D it - then place it under the fluids fountain - does anyone have any samples they can show me of a fountain they have done w/ fluids, that would give me an idea if my idea is possible - I hadn't had a chance to play w/ fluids much from when it came out in the new version. Thanks for any help. -Eric
  23. Hi Rodney - thanks for the compliment.
  24. Hi Gerry - thank you. My wife had to have the procedure done, they actually cut the gums open and fold them back... I made it a little less dramatic and made it a transparent cross-section, so the patient watching it wouldn't pass out.
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