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  1. Hi Rob - first time I have played around with any of those - I think I'll experiment around a little more w/ sprites or streaks. - thanks
  2. Hi - I created a blobbies material/emitter with one attribute w/ a diffuse color of white - for some reason I am getting small black specs that I don't want in there. It is supposed to be teeth shaving from a dental drill. I want them to be white/lite grey. I also have a 90% transparency set. First time I have played around w/ blobbies, so I don't really know what I am doing... but that really isn't anything new. Thanks Eric
  3. Too funny, I like him - what a great idea. Reminds me of "Handy Mandy" - but the evil dental version.
  4. That's funny - maybe some hair, some eyeballs, arms and legs - the light could be his mouth. I could see him being a very mean guy.
  5. Jeetman - you wouldn't believe what was not anatomically correct - we went tooth by tooth, and gums and on and on.... Each tooth had to be set perfectly in relation to the other one. My client had taught a "mouth anatomy" course. Looks the same to me, I actually like the look of the first on better.
  6. I had to redue the mouth and teeth - here is the new "anatomically correct" version of the mouth. I am trying to show the shaving down of the teeth w/ pose slider - starting to play around w/ the animation now, so we'll see how it goes...
  7. Hi Nancy - thank you, Ken mentioned to render it too, forgot to do that. It works fine when rendered, but like you said it is kind of disconcerting. ;-) Thank you.
  8. Hi Ken - here are 2 prints screens - the first on the image is set at 100% and the tooth is fine - then you can see in the second one that the image is set at 0% and the whole tooth is transparent when only the decal should be - I do have it set at color map, so not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Hello - I have a decal on an object (tooth) the tooth has a gradient decal image I created applied to it. I created a pose slider that I want to be able to have at 0 with the decal percentage set at 0 and then at 100 have the decal percentage at 100. So it would fade the decal in and out when moving back and forth. What it is doing is making the whole tooth transparent when you slide it to 0 - but it is the "decal" image that I am appying the percentage to - does anyone know what I am doing wrong and what it doing it to the whole tooth and not just the decal? Thanks for any help - Eric
  10. Thanks Masterfunk. I wish I would have started when I was 15... although, the internet didn't even exist back then.
  11. Masterfunk - I have never played around w/ blobbies - I think what you made up will work if I play around w/ size etc. Do you know of a link you could post for blobbies? Thanks - Eric
  12. Meant to say the mouth "wasn't" anatomically correct - is why I had to redue it.
  13. Hello - I had to start from scratch and redue the entire mouth... it was "anatomically correct" Will post the "perfect mouth" pics when I get them done - I'm on about the 10th revision. I did get the drill done - any suggestions on how I can make any of the modeling better please let me know.
  14. Hi Rodney - I really appreciate you taking your time to post your comments and advice - it all makes a lot of sense. Thank you - Eric
  15. Gerry - thanks for the comments. I have really been concentrating more on the modelling part of 3D, as you can see my animating is a little rough. I'll have to play around some more w/ the heavy bag. Rob - thanks for the walking tutorials - it's tough to not get a "blocky/ robot" feel when I make a character walk... hopefully this will help. Masterfunk - the site must be cached in your browser - open up your browser, go to any other site than mine - go to - Tools -- Delete Browsing History --- Temporary internet files (Delete) That will clear out your browsers cache.
  16. He is in the second row 3 one from the left...
  17. Hello - I created another character for my site - basically for modeling and animating practice. Also, wanted to play around w/ using a decal to control the "hair" color. Anyway, how it turned into a boxing Meerkat, I'm not sure, but it did. He is the 3rd character over from the left on the bottom row. Thanks - Eric www.3dcharacteranimation.biz
  18. Thanks everyone - thanks for the sample Rodney.
  19. Good suggestion - Thanks for the idea, I'll have to see what the client wants.
  20. Sean - thanks, I just used an image of a gradient (red) for the gums that I created in Fireworks - the tongue is just that same image. I just used a cellTurb material w/ a bump percent of 3%.
  21. Hi - good point about the shavings flying off the tooth, but he did mention he wanted the animation to show that. Sean - thanks for the .mov - I think your idea w/ the dust would work better, unless the blobbies could be made very small and fall straight down? I'll have to play around w/ both. Thanks again, Eric
  22. Hi - I have a dentist client that wants an animation of the process of Veneers being put on. I need to illustrate a dental drill shaving down the tooth a bit. I am guessing a "blobbies" particle material or something? I would love any suggestions or samples of something someone might have done similiar to the effect I am trying to achieve. I have delt w/ smoke and fire before, but not w/ blobbies. Thanks for any help, Eric
  23. Hi - I have a Dentist client that wants a 3D animated illustration of the teeth being grinded down a bit and Veneers being placed on... should be a fun project. I got the mouth and teeth modeled. Need to get some advice on how to show particles of teeth grinding off w/ the drill. I'll post in the Newbies. Thanks, Eric
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