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  1. Probably something like Daemon Tools you are thinking about?
  2. No problem, Sacman. We all have days like that And Heyvern......I miss a Mac
  3. Sorry for the annoyingly vague answer, but if one look closer at what was actually written one might probably forgive me for the mistake of misreading his post. Not all here speak native english...... or is as intelligent as others. As far as the subject of Illustrator goes, you might consider having a look at http://www.inkscape.org/, I do believe it has AI export and is free so it should leave you with some cash to toss around
  4. That rust material is just something I threw on, it´s one of the Darktree shaders, you`ll find it under Shaders-Metal: http://www.darksim.com/html/downloads.html. Believe it was Rusty Steel. The Illustrator plugin is the AI wizard (Adobe Illustrator), right-click in a model window-plugins/wizard/AI. Locate your Illustrator file, these were just imported with the default settings. And like Heyvern said, some clean up may be necessary.....
  5. Well, wouldn´t be much of a problem making it with more rounded corners in Illustrator so it would still be the way I would go about it. Edit: A picture says more than yadiyadiyada........got some artifacts here due to triangular patches.....still a very good starting point
  6. The result after 5 minutes work, imported through the Illustrator wizard. The splines doesn´t look to good but renders without any artifacts so if you want clean them up it`s your choice. At least a better starting point than doing it all from scratch.
  7. Hi, everyone. Not shure if I should call this an introduction or a reintroduction, probably the first since I haven`t been posting much , despite visiting this place a lot. Enjoy lurking in the shadows to much, I guess. Purchased AM several years ago, and upgraded a couple of times, but haven`t gotten past the occational dabbling attempts. Reading through this thread made me realize I wasn`t alone so I decided to give it another go, maybe this time I`ll actually get something done.
  8. And another one. (From Norway and Oslo, that is.)
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