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  1. thanks guys,after lurking around I bit I see you are so very patient and helpful to everyone. Very cool and Nice vibes as the kids say. I do hope I don't have to burden you fine folks with A:M help too much 😄
  2. HI A:M community! Just want a quick intro. My name is Matt I am a 46 year old cg boomer (darn kids and their zbrushes and material nodes!), I have been doing 3d on and off for over 20 years now I am a 2d artist by trade but 3d is my passion hobby. Turns out doing what you love as a job really kills your love of that thing. So I will never do 3d for money haha. Animation Master was the first program I learned 3d on. I got the millennium edition in 2001ish. Still have my big fat instruction book and cd after that I jumped to 3dsmax as I was dabbling in game modding in Unreal 2004 then moved onto Softimage XSI. But I always dipped back to this wonderful program. especially lately as I have grown a distaste for box modeling, spline modeling always seemed to fit my 2d drawing brain so much better. I'm so glad that A:M is still going on after all these years and I look forward to sharing my new work , tips and tricks, ect with you all soon! Take care everyone! Matt
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