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    Computer Animation, spending time with family, enjoying nature
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    Pentium 4 (1.5 GHZ) PC, 2 gb ram, Nvidia Quadro FX 500 (128 MB)Graphic card, windows xp professional sp 3.
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    Start providing stills & animation for viewers to see.
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    need to spend more time on working with the software to learn it better.
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    to produce quality stills & animation.
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    Mark Lumley
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    Austin, MN

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  1. I've been experimenting in other projects.  I deleted the Halloween scene and messing around with flash effects and explosions without using particles at this moment.  I've created some other projects, which I will post later.  Since this is just a hobby for me, I have not been putting much time into it like I would.  Hopefully that will change.

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    2. Mark Lumley

      Mark Lumley

      Thank you!  I'm going to try and post some more of my work I'm experimenting with.  I haven't posted  that much, so I'm going to experiment with that too.






    3. Mark Lumley

      Mark Lumley

      I'm currently working on lighting, shading, and special effects.  A lot of learning left to do before I do a project.  Hash AM has lots of tools, it's a great program!

    4. Mark Lumley
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