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  1. Looks Great!, I like all the texture details like cracks in the pavement and stains coming from the windows.
  2. Thanks Ken, Not familiar with the Torque engine, I'll check it out!... it is an extra step importing from A:M to Unreal since it uses FBX. Sounds like Epic Games is trying to make it easier for developers and artists. They are making it royalty free until you make your first million. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/05/unreal-engine-is-now-royalty-free-until-a-game-makes-a-whopping-1-mill/
  3. Hi Guys, Recently upgraded to A:M v19 from V13 so was excited to try out some of the new features. (well... features I didn't have access to till now) Some SSS and Radiosity applied to an old model. Mike
  4. It is an unusual program... I've been finding the interface takes some getting used to. So many programs to play with so little time. :D Thanks for making the exporters and tutorials available Fuchur!
  5. Thanks Robert, I'll give Fuchur's exporter a try. and look forward to seeing what you learn with C++ looks like game engines are the future for animation production.
  6. I'm sure everyone has seen the latest Unreal Engine demo?.. looks super impressive! Has anyone been able to export A:M animations to engines like this for rendering?
  7. Yeah, damn your right. Thanks John!
  8. Thank you Robert, he was a good guy
  9. Hi Guys, I'm happy to share an animation I've been working on the past few months, I'll try to make a long story short... Since all this Covid 19 stuff things have been different, previously most of my spare time was spent working on fine art projects a lot of work I did preparing for art shows was put on hold and like many people it's been a stressful time. I guess psychologically the best way I've been able to deal with it has been to tap into my silly side and rekindle some of the things that inspired me in my younger years. Using Animation Master was one of those things, it
  10. That's a Great idea Robert! I'm a fan of Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and Wreck-it Ralph (Sugar Rush)
  11. Some more items was working on this past week, like the Dolphin Rider.. for modeling to be exported.
  12. Wowza! Preserved all the texture groups like it's showing in your render?
  13. Thanks Robert, I've used adobe Illustrator for vector illustration for years and always liked that simplicity of line one gets with bezier curves never found a 3d application that comes as close to it as A:M does.
  14. Hi Guys, Was working on something for work last week and thought it would be fun to make the basic shapes in A:M even though it was eventually going to be worked on in zbrush/3dsmax. Been getting a kick out of spline modeling again so of course any excuse to play with A:M. my concept sketch and model
  15. There are some good documentaries on the VHS underground... like this one. I have fond memories of going to the video store and looking at all the artwork used for the movie cases and posters.
  16. Not exactly what you are looking for... I would be tempted to model a cube 254mm x 254mm x 1000mm or more high then match the cube to the camera view as best as possible. apply some ruler decals to the edge of the cube to see the measurements.
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