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  1. Happy Halloween Chuck, That was Awesome!!! Now I'm craving garlic. 🧛‍♂️
  2. Hahaha... I know how that goes. So many fun ideas that take so much time to make.
  3. Nice models Jirard! Like your character design and modeling. You have plans to use them in an animation? : )
  4. Animated rotation of the Kryptonite. After Effects and Premiere were used for some compositing and glow. The Vimeo link plays at better quality https://vimeo.com/470864159
  5. Beautiful renders, Has a nice mood and atmosphere.
  6. Your commitment to a single animation theme/story is admirable Chuck. I'm bouncing around with animation and ideas all the time.
  7. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend Chuck. Sounded like a good partnership.
  8. Looking good Chuck, 7 minutes of animation!!! How long have you been working on this?
  9. My material layout if anyone is interested
  10. Thanks Robert! For the crystal colour used a gradient with celturb to get faceted mixing. The fractures are a Scales bump.. there is another bump projection map texture for finer bumps.
  11. Playing around with some more crystal renders some green for that kryptonite look. Rendered a separate flat shaded pass of the crystals to add the glow effect in photoshop and the usual PS tweaks.
  12. I'm a fan of sketching ideas and making storyboards before animating. Here is a rough animation created in Adobe Animate before I started on the 3d side of things. was a fun and quick way to play with animation ideas.
  13. Looking cool Madfox! Interested in hearing what ominous music will go with the animation. 🎶 I've always been a fan of "Rachmaninoff Prelude in C Sharp Minor" used in the game "Dark Legions" from back in the DOS days.
  14. Cool stuff! Now I'm going to be humming that song all day. :P
  15. It worked out on the scarf as well... I'd like to try using transluceny with some tree or plant foliage sometime.
  16. Thanks! That was the first thing I did on my computer after posting It
  17. Ok think I'm finished now.. couldn't sleep cause I wasn't completely happy with the fur. Also wanted to add some translucency to the fur which gave it more edge lighting.
  18. Snoopy night flying. Thanks again Robert for your examples files... used your SpriteClouds for the clouds.
  19. Thanks Jake! Your correct, still a good idea to avoid the 3 point patches, I'm guilty of using the 5 point patches here and there.
  20. Worked on texturing the cap and adding fur to Snoopy.. Tweaking the fur settings took a while to get look I wanted but Robert's hairtestV11_BearHair.prj was a helpful start.
  21. Great job on the logo! Best wishes for your brother.
  22. hahaha... or a nice heat lamp during the winter months.
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