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  1. Thanks Wolfsong! Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks Guys! Hope to keep making more animations with these guys, have more ideas in mind.
  3. Happy to hear it was a simple fix 🕵️‍♂️
  4. Re-rendered these guys with some ambient occlusion for my site, figured I'd share them here as well. Cheers 🍻
  5. Great use for a 3d Printer, Nice to see people repurposing and fixing things instead of just disposing.
  6. Update with a blurry Dish Soap bottle and a few other adjustments
  7. Hahaha Thanks David, yeah I probably should of used a barcode generator
  8. Looking good Vance! Can't wait to see it with music.
  9. Thanks Guys! It's a funny thing, spending time designing a label thats just going to be out of focus in the final render.
  10. Modeling some more items for the kitchen so might as well make some more time-lapse vids.
  11. I remember Robotech from the 80’s. Only saw a few of the cartoons, was cool stuff.
  12. Nice model Kenneth, does he transform?
  13. Some more details bringing the story elements together.
  14. Yeah a little pricey for a plug-in, I’m fortunate I don’t spend much money on software these days since my work pays for the Adobe suite.
  15. Thank you Fuchur! DOF was created using my favourite plugin for After Effects. Frischluft Lenscare.
  16. Some dustiness and edge shading to help Pepper stand out a little more.
  17. Some progress on the scene, working on adding a few other elements like toothpicks and wall decorations... composited with aftereffects.
  18. Happy Birthday Robert!
  19. Thanks for sharing this Fuchur, I didn’t know you could drag in multiple images into a decal like that, will make things much easier in the future, also great use of layers!
  20. I agree Olivier, Showing how easy it is to do things in A:M entices new users to give it a try. and like it for that very reason, I can spend more time being creative.
  21. Thanks David! Here are a couple of the still renders from the video, going to start assembling my shot with what I've all modeled so far.
  22. Latest Time-lapse Vid, weaving a kitchen together with splines.. and some radiosity...
  23. hahaha good one. I remember being confused watching his older stuff, waiting for him to crack a joke that never came. Most comedians these days get into drama later in their career he was the opposite.
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