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  1. Thanks so much David, Great website Finding some interesting articles on there.
  2. Excellent resource Robert. favourite quote I've seen on there so far: "The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder" - Alfred Hitchcock
  3. Cool model Robert, Something we might see more of after the 15th? The original Dutch artist you referenced must of been a cat owner. I've seen my cats strike that pose a few times, especially after a large meal
  4. Thanks Robert, everything you mentioned sounds really interesting, Will be looking into them. Thank you Paul! Good old elbow grease sounds like one of the best teachers one can ask for
  5. Hahaha.. too late for that, already listened to the audiobook by Mckee. I got the sense his book became popular because a lot of productions were lacking good story development, so many movies were wowing audiences with VFX it was like they forgot to actually write a story. Been reading Screenwriting for Dummies and enjoying it more than "Story"
  6. Hi Guys, I was curious if you had any favourite books and recommended reading on animation / creating shorts? Been reading more about screenwriting lately also wondering if there are good books specifically about writing for animation?
  7. Thanks Robert, Been a fun way to document the process. Textures are a funny thing, I used to save them just incase I would need them then always end up doing something custom when the time comes or find something better on google. I'm the worst hoarder of anything. I'll keep something for 5 years then throw it out.. then need it the next day.
  8. Thanks for sharing the thread Mark I'll definitely be reading through that for inspiration. That is impressive 4 months to create your animation, the usual story is "I thought it might take a month or two but ended up taking years". . Sorry to hear about all the obstacles, it's so true what Michelangelo said: Genius is eternal patience.
  9. So Impressive Mark!!! Do you have a “making of” or anything like that showing how you used A:M to make your film?
  10. Hi Gang! Another time-lapse modeling vid, be sure to watch till the end for a little somethin extra 👽
  11. When I got back into A:M I used my old CD version on Mac with a USB CD drive. Happy I upgraded to the subscription version though (renders faster and all the fancy new features makes it worth it.)
  12. Really liking it.. just downloaded and playing with it. Thanks to everyone that made it happen.
  13. Really Impressive modelling and texturing Cody!!! I usually model and texture within A:M when doing projects, sometimes the spline flow isn't what I'm looking for in a model when importing things to A:M but I have seen some detailed models imported to A:M from Lightwave. (not sure how textures import as well)
  14. I'd be interested in checking it out if someone sets one up.
  15. Thank you Fuchur! Been lots of fun using A:M.
  16. So hypnotic! Love it!!!
  17. Some more EDM some more time-lapse modeling...
  18. Fantastic job Robert! You sure put a lot of work and thought into these contests. Congratulations Everyone! 🎉
  19. Some more modeling time-lapse. tried to make the edit a little less seizure inducing 😬
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