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  1. John Bigboote Wouldn't the autoscaling affect the weighted CPs? The results could be ugly at the joints.
  2. HModel::BuildExportModel and HModelCache::BuildExportModel are probably buggy.
  3. TopsyTriceratops My Blender plug imports geometry, UVs and bones from MDL. After import into Blender, you can export everything to FBX, which is very popular. OBJ doesn't support bones, and X is near useless.
  4. I might take a stab at LSCM unwrapping after I've tackled it in my own project, but I'm not promising anything.
  5. I suppose you realise that the tessellation control and tessellation evaluation stages are performed at every frame, unless you employ some post-transform cache trickery. You might be better off precalculating your tessellated surface in the main program. I don't think A:M users really care. For example, when I released the Blender-to-MDL addon, a couple of wows were voiced, and then everyone promptly forgot all about it.
  6. There are no "splines" or "polygons" at the renderer level really, just sets of point-based input data for the shading algorithms.
  7. LSCM unwrapping should be doable with the current SDK. I don't think it has to depend on the core application. But things like painting in 3D do need some serious core support.
  8. pixelplucker Don't get me wrong, I'm all for subdiv rendering in A:M. I'm just pointing out the most obvious implications.
  9. It's a neat idea, but subdivs don't give you direct control over the curvature, so your bias handles would go unused in that mode. Instead, there'd need to be support for a crease factor on spline segments.
  10. It would be great if Steffen posted the snippets that contain A:M's patch subdivision heuristics.
  11. nemyax

    GPU Slave?

    HAMR probably uses the pre-shader era fixed functionality pipeline.
  12. nemyax

    GPU Slave?

    It isn't supported in the sense that the animation engine hasn't been ported over from the 2.7* branch yet. The renderer itself doesn't care what exactly happened to the polygons that are being thrown at it.
  13. nemyax

    GPU Slave?

    robcat2075 Those are reference boards, and vendors don't have to stick to exactly the same specs.
  14. nemyax

    GPU Slave?

    Not necessarily. It's faster that way but it isn't a hard requirement with modern shading languages.
  15. pixelplucker It looks like what you want is for A:M to go on Steam.
  16. That would simply mean animating at 6 FPS, right?
  17. This boils down to deciding where you should composite and where you should re-render. But that's your own call anyway, not the renderer's.
  18. Spline patches are a very finicky geometry type, and it's hard to program these kinds of features into them. It goes a lot easier with polygons.
  19. Happens all the time in computer graphics.
  20. You and your turned-on belles.
  21. It has nothing to do with subdivision. All I'm doing is looking at the valency of vertices. If there are four edges at a vertex, it's an intersection of two splines (the adjacent faces tell us how exactly the splines cross). If there are 3, 5 or more, it's a terminal point for multiple splines. If there are two, it's just a CP in a spline. Patches are created from existing faces that are valid for that purpose. In a good subdiv model, they'll all be quads and therefore valid.
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