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  1. How do I do that? I looked at the available plugins, and there's no option for .x files.
  2. Thanks guys! Though the question in of itself is about exporting the entire model from A:M into a .obj file, including bones, textures, everything if possible! No other program accepts .mdl files like A:M does, and .obj seems to be the most universal file for other programs including Blender. EDIT: To clarify why, I am trying to put up free old models onto TurboSquid for others to use, but not everyone uses A:M.
  3. Hello all, boy has it been ages. I have these models I wish to export as .obj files, but I have no idea how to do it. I looked around online, and got no viable answers. I wanted to export them as .obj files to fiddle with in other programs, which accept such files. Nothing accepts .mdl files. Anyone wish to help me out? I am using A:M version 15, which by the looks of things is fairly old. It sounds viable, as others have mentioned being able to export as .obj files, but I am unsure if it is limited to newer versions of A:M or if there is a step I am missing. Thank you!
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