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  1. I'll check those programs out, thanks. If A:M had some easy patch filling and subtraction I think it'd blow a lot of those crappy programs out if the water for modeling. I'm a little sentimental, I really like A:M but it's just not quite what I need. Thanks, Nate.
  2. I just want simplicity, and for what I want to do, right now, hash splines aren't going to work it seems. The splines are great for most cases but not for my application. I don't feel like spending my time fighting with splines to make a few holes or importing and exporting continually although I know you need to do some of that. But I know it's a rock solid program now and maybe in the future I'll find a us for it again. Thanks, Nate.
  3. Well thanks everyone, I guess A:M hasn't added the features that are needed quite yet for what I'm doing, unless I do it the hard way or manually(although manually isn't all that bad Ken.) Or if I use another program. And I've been thinking about it the accuracy might not be there either with a spline mesh or difficult because I'd have to export it a couple of times into one program then another. 3d printing is becoming a big thing maybe hash should start looking into it more. I mean splines are excellent for animations but maybe A:M needs some direct polygon modeling features as well, or just use the hash splines for animations. What they are made for mainly. I will say though, I've been checking out other programs like DS mechanical (Space claim) and man it is nice but it just doesn't have the ease of use that A:M has. It's close but not there. I really love A:M but it's the modeling I'm after right now. Thanks again, sorry I took so long to respond. Nate.
  4. Ken I'm making a lot of objects with holes subtracted from the surfaces like bolt holes ect. Where do I make a feature request for a mesh merge add/subtract at surface intersect? That'd be so useful. Even if a made an ugly mesh as long as it worked.. I'm not much of a programmer or I'd make a plug-in for it. Okay so that dream is shattered is there anyway to convert an imported model to a usable patch? Thanks, Nate.
  5. So Ken you can use booleans in a obj export? I love the modeling interface in A:M but I am also aware of the draw backs as well. I used it a lot. Booleans are great for mechanical objects as I recall but if they can't be exported it'll be a real pain. I also ran into a page on the site that mentioned something about making a mesh from a prop? I'd really like to go back to using A:M again I'm just unsure if it has all the features I'll need. Thanks, Nate.
  6. Thanks for your quick response everyone. Yeah I realize fuchur that pva is not the solution to everything but that is a good idea none the less. I'm just wondering if A:M is suitable for mechanical objects. I remember that there was a subtractive modeling feature(is that what you meant Ken when you said multiple meshes?), they have probably added a million features since I last used it. So what I'm really wondering is how well A:M works with exported file formats since that's pretty well all I'll use it for. Lately I've been using emachinshops free modeler, it really is terrible in a lot of ways but it has some neat mechanical features that makes it very powerful in a few specific ways. Meshkab looks interesting. Thanks, Nate
  7. Thanks guys that answers my questions. Looks like your dino exported and re-imported quite nicely Rob. Thanks for the link and video fuchur, I learned something today. Build my 3d printer with 2 print heads and use pva(I think that's what you said, need another run through later ) to support my objects. A:M sure has improved over the years. Thanks again, Nate.
  8. I used to use A:M back in version 10.5 and ended up not using it anymore because I didn't have much use for it at the time and I also lost my disc haha. But I never forgot beautiful interface for 3d modeling. Now I'm using some crappy freeware for modeling cad objects. I mean it works but its rather limited and complex to use. So I looked up my favorite software again and I see that A:M exports STL files now. I was wondering how well it does it. Do you have to fix the files after export? Maybe someone could post some sample STL files so I can check them out? I'm doing more mechanical objects now. Thanks, any info. would be great! Nate.
  9. Awsome picture! But I think his fingers are a bit too thick for an skinny old guy( they look like schlitzy's).
  10. Multi-pass works in the older versions of A:M too. You just have to turn it on in the registry(it doesn't work very well for animations, they tend to dift ).
  11. You know, I think I was having the same problem in v11 alpha 8 with the dynamic constraint. Didn't think of it untill you mentioned what you did to create the problem. It seemed that it was calculating from were I scrolled too, instead of from the begining.
  12. Maybe the guys at hash changed the sprites between versions?
  13. Really neat idea. I think that this would be more easy to control than using sprites(it's easier to customize). I think you can have animated procedural textures by the way.
  14. John I don't think he used sprites because as far as I know v7 doesn't have them. Awsome model!
  15. It looks like liquid cotton candy. mmmmm yum yum..
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