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  1. Thanks! I can see another meaning in father's whip,that‘s the theme of my perspective for consideration.
  2. I have writen a script of animation film,the theme is about our lost cultural tradition under Chinese fast development In the past ten years.The story start aroud the feeling of young Chinese lover.Let the audience feel indebted as if it were received in person by the details in the film. My dream is finish making the film,I can do the animation Pre- design in A:M.^^
  3. Long time no see my friends here! I make a Short as my Graduate student work。I could find A:M in IOS app store,but there is still nobody use A:M except me in China,how I whish I could find another one just like me。 If A:M could export model and action to MAYA and control .mdl or .act in MAYA,it would be more suitable for animation enthusiasts in China。 Ok,this is my work: http://v.qq.com/page/x/g/5/x0303owsng5.html I‘m sorry for the long advertisement。^^
  4. Thanks for your encouragement! I know that I have a lot of problem just as you say,such as the "light" and the Lens law or Lens expression,and so on. Now I'm a Graduate student about Animation director,and my job is a Teaching Secretary in CAFA(Central Academy of Fine Arts). I find AM is a good Assistant for outstanding personal abilities,so it's good for the students whoes need moer individuation or art in Their demos too.The most important is anyone clould express his idea by himself in AM。It lowers the threshold of three-dimensional field for them。So I'm not sure if should
  5. Hi Rodney, I made a demo and upload it,I want show it here but I'm not sure if I could write a new topic about my new demo in Open Forum~There is no one use AM around me in China,so I need your suggestion and help to go on studying AM. It's my new demo,not very good but better than before. http://v.qq.com/boke/page/m/r/z/m0406xp5xrz.html Moderator Note: This topic has been split from another topic.
  6. See my signature. It is not a direct way and not perfect, but still better than nothing. I'd love to see a real FBX-exporter too. (or Collada) See you *Fuchur* Thank you very very much! Your way is very good! I could make the action for games! Chris
  7. Hello everybody!I’m Chris. I come from China.You know the “Unity 3D” is a good software for games making on mobile telephones and other Platforms.Unity 3D support the file of .FBX, include the animation of the bones. Generally I save the action as models,then exprot them to .OBJ,improt them in 3Ds and compose animation again in 3Ds.But the animation of the composition without bones doesn‘t work in .FBX In this way,so it doesn't work in Unity 3D too. I'm not sure if anybody had asked the same question before: Could anybody write a plugin about exprot to .FBX in AM? If we have this
  8. Maybe the expression you are looking for is "Animation Demonstration"? I think your animations show a lot of promise. With a little more work you can probably start approaching local companies that have TV ads to create 3D logos and short advertising spots, where animation might show up for 3-10 seconds demonstrating the product. Keep it up, can't wait to see more! Thanks! I‘m just making Dynamic image for website. I will upload it soon.
  9. For a beginner these are already very well done Keep up learning and you will become a real master See you *Fuchur* Thank you! I will learn it more diligent
  10. Thanks! I will keep the style of the second one~ Learning a unkonw things is really hard,but I like do it,I will keep up as you said~
  11. Yes,this is shown on just like youtube,I loadup them on my Microblogging of QQ(just like msn),then the animation was saved on the "YOUTUBE" of QQ I made it just for showing my studio,the Chinese words at last are my studio's name~but I have done some project about computer games,-----models making,the action about walking or run I'm not sure what kind sell Channel do you want,my studio is a part of the group of university students' self-employed~This group is assisted by government organization. The government give every company in this group houses,money,and other help~The most importan
  12. Great stuff, Chris! I will make more stuffs~Thank you~
  13. At the beginning,I couldn't Control the animation well,so we make the first one,it's Simple~The Chinese words at last are my Studio's name~ With more studying and more Experiment,I begin to think about making the second one~ I will let the Style of the second one go on~I like the second one mostly too~ Thanks for your commendation~ The second one comes from the first one~ I'm not sure if I should use the words "Animation for show",could you give me some ideas? If it's not good,I don't konw why,because I don't know the right English wording Habit
  14. I upload some demo, check here http://boke.qq.com/play.html?v=93S5JqfeMRX http://v.qq.com/boke/page/s/n/h/s04013jdinh.html http://v.qq.com/boke/page/8/l/9/88NnS2lRjl9.html I will do it better~
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