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one frame capture

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I recently started a small project with a puppit I made of some garden strings and velvet. They were a bit moveable, but I had no idea to set it up with the right stability to make a movie of it. Then I reminded the one_frame_button of my Cad camera. So I made some surounding and tried some pictures. My first attempts were a bit fraggy, as I had no idea to make the puppit straight for a longer period. Then I found some small magnets, and used coins to move the feet as parts for the walk trace.

It all looks a bit chunky, as I had hardly an idea how much frames needed a walk pose, or a still. This was made with a range of 600 frames.


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Thanks for your reactions! Fun work to do, but very time consuming. It took two evenings to gather the pix. Good to have a one frame button. Only the registering is rather kinky to keep the object in center when moving. Here is an earlier state.😉 


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