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This has a updated OSX version to solve the crash when simulating bullet. There are no windows changes.


Change Log

  • Fixed All
      - 6852:  Rendercrash when Toon render > Override Shading > Toon with Falloff has a custom gradient attached to it...
  • Fixed All
      - 6850:  Lower corner text wrong
  • Fixed All
      - 6843:  Bullet simulation doesn't move when moving bones
  • Fixed All
      - 6828:  Choreography Properties Channel type not correctly shown
  • Fixed All
      - 6831:  Diffuse maps not working
  • Fixed All
      - 6839:  Am slows to a crawl occurs on models with very high patch count
  • Fixed All
    Decal->Stamps->"Recall View/Position" works now correct
  • ____ 1
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