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2001: A Space Podyssey

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Fifty years ago I saw "2001" and spent the next three years in our basement making cardboard spaceships with robot arms.

This is my space pod movie, now with music and sound effects...




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If I may add context...

In 2009 this very Animation:Master Forum held a participation event called 'Pass the Ball'... where the only criteria was to create a short animation where a ball would enter frame left and exit frame right. I collected the clips and edited a short video adding music, sound effects and titles. The entries were humorous and featured many various styles. Here is link to view it:




If there was enough interest in doing something like this again- I would be happy to collect and edit... let's talk about a theme! I'm IN!

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Thanks, guys!

I enjoyed that. I liked the sound effects, they added a little humor on their own.


This is the first time I've made sound effects myself.

I actually did a nearly complete pass with sound effects I pulled off the internet, but I didn't want to steal a recording for the music.


After I did that with my cornet and my cello i started thinking about other things I might create myself and eventually replaced all the borrowed sounds with my own

They aren't always as good as the internet versions but i enjoyed doing them.

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I love this little animation. YouTube popped it up in one of those "You Might Like..." sections before I saw this thread.


Wonderful work!

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