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Hey Serg, if you were looking for fuzzier look for the cloth parts of your character there is a multipass technique using displacement maps that the SoulCage guys showed a while back.


These are some experimental tests I did to try it out. With the right pattern and right settings it might give a good felt look.


FuzzyClothMultipass Sampler.mov









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Robert, it's interesting stuff, but I do not quite understand how he felt the effect achieved?


Short version...


First you make an image series of random gray scale blobs. It should have as many images as a multi-pass setting. (9, 16, 25, etc...)

Apply that to your model. Set it as a displacement map.

In the chor, Set the frame property of the image sequence to cycle through the series in the first 0.2 of the first frame and set that to repeat for every frame

Render with multipass, 20% motion blur


All the different displacement maps blurred together make a fuzzy look.


sample PRJ...




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