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Submit your Insect Contest Image - Last Call... Monday!

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Final rules and how to submit your image for the "Insect" Image Contest:


1. Your image should be primarily about and show an insect.
2. Your image must be modeled and rendered with Animation:Master.

3. Your image should be 1080 pixels high and can be any width you choose. I will resize images that don't fit that dimension.

4. Submit your image, your email address and your physical mailing address in a PM (private message) via the forum to me, Robert Holmén (AKA robcat2075), by going to my profile and choosing "Send me a message". You can attach the image to a PM in the same way you attach an image to a forum post.

5. Submit your image on or before August 9 2015 (or August 10, who's counting?)

6. The submitted images will be exhibited in a thread on the forum for one week before the voting begins.

7. The voting will be conducted on a page created by Forum Administrator Jason Simonds and will begin on or about August 16 and will be open for one week.




-One Hash Siggraph Jacket, awarded to the first place finisher

-Three Medals, one awarded to each of the first, second and third place finishers

-Three Caricatures by Mark Largent, one awarded to each of three entrants randomly chosen from the top ten finishers

-Seven certificates of runner-upness, awarded to the fourth through tenth place finishers.

-Ten $1 Texas Lottery Scratch-Off Game cards, one randomly assigned to each of the top ten finishers.


The Big Scratch-OFF of the game tickets to reveal the winnings (if any) and the random drawing for the Largent caricatures and will be conducted by me on a YouTube video to be recorded and posted after voting has concluded and results are known.


Lottery Game winnings (if any) will be sent via PayPal to the winners. If anyone should win a large prize I reserve the right to subtract 10% to pay the income tax I will incur since i am the legal purchaser and redeemer of the game card.


Any further interpretations or decisions about the rules or prizes or the conduct of the contest will be made solely by me, Robert Holmén.


All decisions are final, unless i change my mind, and then I get to make a new final decision.


The Texas Lottery game cards are ready and itching to get scratched! You have five days to finish your entry! Don't miss out!



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In the prize list above I forgot to include...

-Seven certificates of runner-upness, awarded to the fourth through tenth place finishers.


... now added.


You have four days to finish and submit your entry!

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Jason has provided some examples of the Hash jackets from Siggraphs past. Not all styles are available in all sizes, in fact, most styles are available in only one size. The first place winner will need to discuss their choice with Jason.


And maybe that winner will be you!


You have three days to finish and submit your entry!





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Just to clarify. Are entries allowed to have any Photoshop work? Or does it have to be soley a render from A:M?

Photoshop or other paint programs are allowed for textures, as always.


You can also use a paint program to composite separately A:M-rendered elements together.


Would that cover it?

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I don't normally enter contests. But Robert has worked really hard to promote this. So yesterday I decided to enter.


I had done absolutely no modeling, but I did have an idea that had been brewing. So yesterday I started from nothing but the idea.


Wanted to see if I could pull it off on the deadline and support Robert's efforts.


It's finally rendering. I think I'm gonna make it.





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And for Kevin and anyone else pressing against the deadline...


I will be otherwise distracted on Monday so if your image isn't quite done on Sunday proper, you can toss it over the transom on Monday and no one will be the wiser! ;)


Get your entry in on Sunday (or Monday)!

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Well I think I'm going to have to settle for "honorable mention" as I've got about 7 or so hours to work on this, seeing as I got a late start and have to use v12 as my current copy of AM is expired.
Wish me luck.

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Last call for entries: Monday August 10


Last call for do-overs, revisers, slow-pokers, laggards and The-Dog-Ate-My-A:M-CDers!


There are enough entries to hold a vote so we definitely won't be extending this one out for another bunch of weeks.

Don't sit on the fence, get your entry in on Monday!

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