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Happy Birthday Mark Skodacek and Paul Daley!


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I keep forgetting these two share the same day in history.


Mark is well known to everyone in these parts. His talent is, simply put, far above what can be reasonably expected in mere mortals.

Just when I think I have a favorite project of his that sets new standards of excellence and innovation that cannot be bested, he posts a new example that raises the bar to yet an even higher level.

And yet, he still remains very much a mystery especially in that I have no earthly idea from where his nom de plume/moniker derives... mtpeak?

I just assume it's where he lives like those other guys and gals from Mt. Olympus.


Paul doesn't hang out here in the forum all that often these days but he's highly talented as well. His early work compositing animated characters over live action plates in A:M really caught and kept my attention (His flour sack running around his back yard being chased by a dog (Sack Attack)... no spoiler alert here... an instant classic). What those that have joined the A:M Community more recently may not know is that Paul was the project manager behind the A:M Extras CD. This guy is the example of organized productivity that I could only dream of attaining. Paul is also an outstanding mentor and teacher.


Happy Birthday!

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I just happened by the forum today and saw this thread as I snooped around the new forum. Even though I haven't been around here much of late, I thought I should say, "THANKS!" to Rodney and Mark and Rob and anyone else that still has any idea what Rodney was mentioning in his very kindly worded post. I still can't say if I can be a stready part of the community right now, but it is sure nice to see I'll be welcome back when I can.

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We know everyone has lives and interests that will keep them away from time to time.

That's the nature of things.

We look forward to your visits... and revisits... as often as you are able.


I can't speak for others and may not always be here myself but I expect to be hanging out here in the forum as much as I can until I'm 82.

All bets off after that. :)

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