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Happy Birthday, Jeff Cantin!

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Happy Birthdqay Jeff... he hasn't been here in over 10 years I'd say... one of our 'legacy users'. Speaking of which...The other day while researching a possible path to get A:M models with animation via FBX file format loaded into Sketchfab.com thru a A:M(obj mdd output) to C4D(FBX output) to Sketchfab.com ... I came across a C4D MDD tutorial by William Eggington.

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Wow... I haven't talked to Jeff in a few years....Last I heard he was still trucking on out there in Reno, NV.


William Eggington's C4D tutorial for fastMDD had more to do with folks trying to use Messiah:Studio's fastMDD plugin to get stuff out of Messiah and into C4D. In the video you came across, he mentions using a trial version. William is now a Blender user...


I miss some of the old users.... (Myself included!) :-)

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