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Tuckertown and other Stories

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Harun's progress in his ToaA:M Journal has me playing with Simcloth and (as per usual) I tend to use the feature for things not intented...


Here's an example of Simcloth used to shatter some tiled bricks.

And of course that in and of itself was an experiment as well as every tile began as a five point patch (I thought... why not?).


I played around with several Simcloth setups and have some ideas in mind for future tests.

I feel a bit like our favorite tinkering gnome here.




Stop in and check out Harun's work here:





Disclaimer: If you do download this file be aware that this project file is a mess. I was testing some rendering options and didn't bother resetting or organizing anything.


5 PointMeshSmash.prj

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I'd experiment with Simcloth more but it makes my Laptop cry


It shouldn't. Perhaps we need to investigate the whys and wherefores.

I only have something like 11.5GB of acessible working memory and I tend to leave multtiple programs open and dozens of websites unclosed... and Simcloth is still quite responsive.


Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the texturing, lighting and such can be done after the simulation.

So it's a lot like working with group of models.

The thing I try to remind myself is that simulation is the first step in creating the resource that will be used later and that often won't require any simulation at all.

For instance, I might want to extract two or three frames of a sequence as a background... no need for me to use them all.


I will say that the project file I posted is unnecessarily complex so if you have tried that... my apologies as it's a bit large.

It's multiple choreographies with fully simulated data.

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Yikes!  I haven't posted here in the Tuckertown topic in almost exactly two years.

The other day I thought I'd model an unfolded cardboard box and rig it so it could be folded... and ended up doing a little more.




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I was doing a Google Map search on various places and I thought... hmmm... Tuckertown... I wonder if the sign is viewable.

And... it is!



It's a little hard to read but the sign is still there.


I see varioius mentions of Tuckertown and Tuckerville online but none I've seen thus far are THIS Tuckertown.

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