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Hi all

I figured I should post my contest contribution on the forum.

I bought this helicopter just a few months ago, and of course I had to model it:) I've always been an r/c guy but haven't used helicopters before (no I don't count those 30 bucks styrofoam toys we was playing with at the hash bash, lol). Helicopters are really hard to fly, but even more fun when you manage to control it a little


Comments and crits are always welcome



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Thanks guys


BTW did you get the model online? I'd love to get one too.
I bought it in a hobby shop here in Trondheim (the city I live in, in Norway). I paid $550 for it, but I'll bet it costs half of that outside Norway


yeah i totally voted for this one!


am i right? :blink:
You are wrong ;)


It's AO


Amazing modelling Stian !!! Yours mech models are awesome ....
Thanks Marcos. Those word means a lot of me, since your models are inspiring to me:)
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Outstanding modeling and texturing job, Stian.


I've flown both gas and electric R/C heli's and it's a blast. Please be sure to spend a lot of time on a good heli simulator before attempting anything other than tail-in hovering, unless you want to spend a lot of money and time in repairs. Heli's have no stable orientation like a plane, so it's easy to get disoriented and lose control quickly.... usually with very bad results!


Have a great time flying!

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Yeah, I guess I'm going to post what I always post when you post a post of a model and that is -- "Awesome!"


One of these days I'm just going to screw with everyone and make a kickin' mechanical model :).

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