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  1. Just signed up for trial - none of the links work. No idea where help/support link is... so hopefully someone else can verify the issue? Tim
  2. Ok, I purchased what was listed as Animation:Master 2006 a couple of weeks ago. The box has a witch and broom on it. The CD has a Yeti on it. The software version is 12.0 and everything in it states that it is AM 2005. (Help/About), etc. Now, I somehow came across Version 13 Alpha and have been using that (as I am a bleeding edge kinda guy and love to debug things). Today, it said my "trial" is over with and to call a 1-800 number. So - What am I supposed to run? What did I purchase? How do I work on the TWO project without version 13? IS AM 2006 even out yet? Thanks all! -Tim
  3. Ok, so I've just modeled half of my head, but when I select it as a group and select copy/flip/attach, it flips it along the wrong axis everytime so that it connects the left half of my head nose to nose! How do you decide which direction to copy? I'm using AM v13 Alpha, and my help topics won't start, but I'm sure there is an easy explanation for this... Thanks! -Tim
  4. Tim, I use a Dell M50 for rudimentary things in AM. Granted it's only a 1.8 Ghz with 512 Mb ram (64mb video card, but it is tollerable for simple AM use. My desktop is an Athlon 64 with 2 Gb of RAM, and it rocks (although V12 realtime seems slower than V11.1 did). My render farm is a mixture of Athlon Xp's and Athlon 64's. The 64's are always faster rendering frames. David Render Farm??! Very cool. Are there any tutorials on setting up a farm? I happen to have a few systems lying around presently collecting dust. What OS? Would I need more AM Licenses? How many systems in your farm? I realize that certain things add to the length of a render, but I rendered a 5 second short last evening on my laptop and it took about an hour and a half. Pretty detailed, but is there a "test" render out there somewhere with times on it so that I can verify speed? Thanks for any info! -Tim
  5. Hi all, I'm new to 3d animation and wondering about rendering times. I've got a Dell Latitude 3Ghz Laptop with 2GB of RAM. It seems too slow for me (only a 64MB ATI built-in card). I have access to an AMD 64bit system with 1 GB of RAM. Would that work any faster? Does AM take advantage of 64-bit? How about multiple Processors? Thanks in advance! -Tim
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