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  1. ok ok... mybad about the version i have v11.1 and where can i download it at ?
  2. ok is v12 the new one is it downloadable free what is it. also then how did people put pictures on the stills page and have a format of jpeg before the v12 came out? and also how did they keep great quality
  3. well that wasnt long at all now when i click the format button it drops down and gives me 3 choices avi. mov. tga. but no jpeg and when i try to upload it it says that the file extension is forbidden?? a little more help plz...
  4. ok so the targa is for stills or is that just what is recomended well thanks for all the help im sure ill be talkin to u some other time
  5. ok thanks for the help now for another question how do i make it a JPEG because i can only get it to render to a AVI. or MOV. ?? because if you take a look at the stills place mine is the weird one with AVI on the thumbnail...
  6. well i was just wondering how to take stills and not animations. I open director mode then lay everything out then i hit the render file do i type 00:00:00 or 00:00:01 or is there a diffrent way to go about this sincerly, |logan|-|BHS animator|
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