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  1. I like the current model. The inner thighs seems to have some issues. I think if you smooth out the splines from front to back it will look fine.
  2. I think that it kinda works but there are ways to make look more like objects flying by. Here's two movies with the projects attached to illustrate two ideas that I had. How about using a streak emitter movie herebig_ring.mov the other idea that I had was to take a panoramic picture and apply it to a the inside of a very big ring. Then put the plane in the center and rotate the ring around it. movie heretest_streak_sm.mov Here's the projects for tinkering with streaksSpeedlines_alt_version.prj and with the big ringSpeedlines_big_ring.prj
  3. You betcha...it's on it's way. shyguy.mdl
  4. I don't know the show very well, is this a good representation of "Nidoran"? Does someone have a better picture or know of more pictures for reference. Anyway I'll get started on this one trusting that it's cool.
  5. Here's a Quick list on who's working on what pokemon. Thanks for your offer! Does this mean that I should pick something?
  6. modeler available. I wanted to help you guys out with your project...I could use the exercise in quick modeling.
  7. It's been a long time since I chimed in on this forum. I'd like to get on the bandwagon again. I, luckily, don't have school...just work. If you'z guy'z let me know what is next or lingering I am available to jump on it. I worked on Mario's head and shy guy model but I am good at getting backgrounds done fast. Let me know.
  8. i don't understand a word of this post. Are you typing really fast? Soure? Do you mean open "Source". "OF I WANTED TO"...do you mean "if i wanted to" ??????????????????????????????????
  9. what's the plan to address the stylistic differences in the mario and luigi models. They look different...specially the ears and the bridge of the nose. Note : compliments on the modeling of the chin and mouth for luigi...they look really good.
  10. is anyone doing materials for mario? i feel that there is a lot of detail that we could add with some well chosen textures and decals. currently : still working on rigging starguy and shyguy. i'm not to practiced so it takes a while.
  11. i can work on yoshi. Pleas send me what you got.
  12. I think that the mouth movement is ok. i would have gone for a slightly more realistic jaw movement rather than scaling the whole head. When you open your mouth it's really only the lower jaw that opens.
  13. i have something to show... Here is an eye test. eye_test_side.mov I have some reservations about using this system. the pupils have some problems as they approach the edges of the eyes. What you see in the test are the extremes that the pupil can reach without looking bad.
  14. two left feet huh? i don't like to sweat the details. thanks for fixin' that.
  15. The reason i changed the mustache to brown was so i could see the shape better while i modeled. It will end up being very dark brown. Criticism noted on the mustache...i will revert it to Tido's original shape. i wonder what i was looking at? Changes that still need to happen are : The cheeks need to be fatter. the eyes smaller. the nose and chin smoother. At that point i think it will be ready to go back to Tido
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