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  1. Anyone know where ican get some rotoscopes?
  2. Diddnt know how to make a cave real well so it looks like crap....And i still have some finish touches but im not gonna work on it right now... Heres the pic again
  3. Im thinking instead of A castle its in a forest Which one sounds better?
  4. ive only worked on thsi for about 30 mins. Im planing on have the troll on a rock, three knights attacking it and a c astle behind it. new update in pic
  5. Sorry i was in a very needy moment Wanted to start animating quick Sorry
  6. How do i get them to show up? i have all the files there just not there.... Please Help Thanks
  7. Rodney how do you get the stuff from that file to show up in my libary?
  8. Sweet man, thanks Little needy right now......
  9. Wow, Rodney you helped me again thanks Just bought this and done alot at school with it, The subscription one was missing some of the basics
  10. Need any basic models, i just want to play around with them Anything would help Thanks
  11. I odnt have any of the models for the turtoils if someone knows a place i could download them that waould make me on my way to finishing them. Have you ever heard that saying "If you have to ask..." If you are wanting to tackle this before working your way through the manual (TaoA:M) I would suggest you don't model but rather modify some models that are already there. By modifying a character model you will better understand where you are heading and you will know what to look out for as you model. Once you have your character modeled you'll still want to animate him right? For that you'll want to understand a little about rigging. Work your way through TaoA:M as it will teach you all the basics you need to set yourself up for success. If you really must model a character before getting the foundation laid first I would suggest creating a very simple model using Lathing and Extrusion to get a good feel for the tools. Lathing, Extrusion and Stitching *are* the basics. Consider starting a topic in the Work in Progress forum. That way you can post your progress and get feedback too.
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