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  1. Yeh, I forgot my password and when I applied for a new one it assigned this name, I don't know how that happened! Anyway, I was having trouble importing a jpeg so tried a tga and it worked fine.
  2. I forgot my password and when I went through the process of getting a new one it changed my username to Gerardo for some reason. It wasn't me! EDIT - never mind, it imports a .tga just fine, I guess it's fussy about .jpegs!
  3. Sorry Rodney, I made two posts and the first one seems to have disappeared. My issue is importing an image into a project on the Mac platform. I know there used to be a workaround, but I can't seem to get an image to import. When I use the Import command, at first the Open window was all grayed out, then I tried again and the Import window was working, I navigate to the image, click Import, and nothing happens.
  4. Hmm, actually when I use the Import command, the window is now active, I navigate to the jpg, select, click Open, and nothing happens. So far. Comments welcome.
  5. Hey, I've downloaded and installed my trial version and getting back into AM is as easy as falling off a bike! However, on the Mac side how do you import images? I remember there was some workaround, which I haven't been able to figure out. But the usual "Import" window opens all grayed out.
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