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    Boating, Ice fishing, muscle cars and all sorts of animation
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    old version
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    AMD 3200 160gb 1 gb ram
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  1. Thanks Rodney Ive been itching to do another one of those 11 second club clips. Those are fun to do!
  2. LOL , what a fitting thread to show my age!!! I need glasses
  3. Hey, David and everyone else Thank you, for the birthday wishes! It must be long time no see Robert doesn't even remember me HAHA I Haven't done any animating since TWO but I like to check in once in a while to see whats going on. I do miss working with A:M and the people though. I bet the real time play-back is quite awesome now.
  4. Just read through this whole post. The set has come a long ways, looks great!
  5. You guys are quite awesome!
  6. Wow, you whipped that one up fast. Nice work!
  7. Sweet! I was hoping someone would do some newton physics stuff.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I did not notice that shadow. I will take a look and see what is causing that.
  9. Hey thanks...are you going to join in or what? Sure I´m in...I´m working some ideas...I´m going to post it later OK cool ....just checking on ya
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