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  1. rijklau

    Wonder Woman

    Thanks Rodney, I'll try it out. Posing is fine with me. I'm trying to print out some tiny Wonderwomans. :-) Cheers, Rijk
  2. rijklau

    Wonder Woman

    Hi Rodney, Is there a manual or tutorial to how the Wonder Woman bones and constrains work? I'm away from this for too long. Cheers, Rijk
  3. rijklau

    Renewal blues

    PayPal invoice actually.
  4. rijklau

    Renewal blues

    Customer service offered to send me an upgrade invoice to upgrade my now expired yearly subscription to full non-expire version, around three weeks ago. Never heard from them since.
  5. rijklau

    Renewal blues

    Okay, still no word from anyone. Thanks again Rodney. Probably wasted your "gift". No more work done with A:M...
  6. rijklau

    Renewal blues

    Well, a month without A:M...
  7. rijklau

    Renewal blues

    Thanks to Rodney, I was able to enjoy A:M once more for a year. My subscription ended a month ago and I hope to get a permanent version. I contacted sales, and after a while ;-) sales contact me and offered to send me an invoice for the upgrade. I gladly accepted the offer and waited for the invoice, and waited, and waited. Send some more emails, no reply. And waited and waited. :-( At this moment as I am typing, no A:M for my projects. Yes, I am ranting. Rijk
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into that later.
  9. So far I cannot find any setting in the free version of Remake during export so I can go no further than that. At least this process allows me to get a very decent model into AM to work with. Much better than previously a triangulated mesh or a prop.
  10. I did some experiment trying to reduce the poly of the original STL. Somehow remake seems to use a constant density to create the Quad OBJ file no matter how many polys the original STL has. The final patch count is always around 10K. There might be some hidden options to set the mesh density in the "Advance Option" in the export panel which require subscription. Rijk
  11. Actually I have. And I use it at home for my own projects. Unfortunately at work sculptors only use ZBrush and Freeform, and engineers used UG or Solidworks. The only way to communicate with them is either STL or OBJ or parasolid.
  12. Rodney, the density of the mesh depends on how much detail you want to keep from the original STL. The head sculpt was originally 48XXX triangles and I reduced it to 10000. If needed I can reduce it to 1000 triangles which in theory will give you a mesh with 500 patches. But then a lot of detail would be lost. It really depends on what you need the final mesh for. Rijk
  13. Hi all, wonder if any one posted this before, or is this the right place to do it. My job requires working with 3D sculptors who worked in ZBrush and Freeform and my duty is to provide the necessary poses for them to base on for sculpting, and A:M is of course my choice for doing the poses. It was always a problem for me however to get some necessary models form them back into AM as a decent model rather than props. Today I seem to have figured out a way using Autodesk Remake: https://remake.autodesk.com/about Remake allows me to import a high density STL file And I can reduce the polygon size dramatically Check the file for errors and then export to OBJ(Quads) Using the default import OBJ plugin in A:M, I can import the OBJ with excellent result, nearly all patches as quad Hope this is useful to any one who wants to convert triangular meshes into A:M Rijk
  14. Hong Kong Well, I guess that's a bit too far to be sending one of my discarded graphics cards. But i bet you could find one inexpensively locally, especially as what you need for your mother board is what most people would be tossing out. Thanks for the thought. I'm okay with running v17 for now. Rijk
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