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  1. whats radiosity?? i heard [read] some people talking about it in the forums and i was wondering what it was....i know its gotta be something really cool because all the images were awesome!
  2. anybody got a medium-difficulty tutorial that focuses on making a model? i want something thats fun to make and easy to animate. thanks!
  3. "metalholes.dsts" is this on the CD or do i need to download it?
  4. im making a speaker and i want to make the little holes in the front...do i have to model each little hole in or is there an easier way...if i use bump mapping isnt it always random? i want them to be in little rows
  5. i finished the decals best i could...it doesnt look great but then again the car images werent perfect as decals i think it came out okay heres some pictures[attachmentid=20739][attachmentid=20740][attachmentid=20741]
  6. i finished the body...im probably going to finish tomorrow right now im doing the decals and im going to do the little light on top and the crank...it looks OK right now but i cant post any pictures right now because im in a hurry
  7. i put a decal on a model and then i was going to put a different decal on the other side but now whenever i try to make a new decal, when i postion it it is just a white square! i tried changing the key color and useing different pictures...how do i fix this?
  8. ive got nothing to do so how about someone posts a picture of a couple sides of something that isnt too complicated and ill do my best to model it and show you how it comes out. not something that will be really hard, but nothing too easy either....i think this will be fun
  9. i started on this helmet which i think is from quake...i just googled for helmet and this is the only one i saw with three sides to use for rotoscopes. i got one side of the front done but its flat...is pulling all the splines individually the only or best way to get them into thier place on the Z axis or is there an easier way? [attachmentid=20595] [attachmentid=20596]
  10. Thanks for all the support. i think what ill do is repeat some of the tutes from the manual (mostly the ones centered on modeling because i think i would be best at that) and look at my skill before and after. this way i can see how much i improved. ill keep you guys posted
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