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  1. I use adobe flash. Yeah I never really though of it being like napoleon dynamite.
  2. It's basically like going through a ten year old's drawings as if they were in space.
  3. So this is a finished project and not even a 3D project but I though it could go hear. So this is my first real animation. So enjoy. http://vimeo.com/12863115 Also: If you need any art or 2D animation done contact me. Cause I do freelance. To see more work go hear: http://lukeswindler.tumblr.com/
  4. The File location is. " localdisk/programfiles/hashinc/data/actions" How do I do that.
  5. It exactly say "invaled action file" and then give the location of where the action file is located.
  6. Whenever I try to apply an action no matter what model It always shows an error message say something like invalid action and then the file name. I don't want to have to animate a walk cycle every time i need one. SO how can I fix this.
  7. I tried play around with the settings but nothing look right. What settings are you using.
  8. I tried using the sim cloth but it didn't turn out liek I wanted it. any other ways.
  9. So I am making a short film and it calls for a crumpled paper. I tried using the distort mode on a 32 patch sphere. it didin't look that realistic. And would probably take forever to model. Anyone know of a way.
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