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  1. It hasn't crahsed yet after i installed the drivers. Thanks guys!
  2. So i googled how to find what drivers i have but I couldn't find it on my computer
  3. There are so many intel opengl versions.
  4. Oh right... Um so the shift thing works but when it's on the open gl thing it shuts down form a reel time error. SO i change it to the 3D thing but that makes the rotation go slow and whenever I rotate it just makes the face visible
  5. Oh sorry about that. I was looking for an actual link
  6. I don't know what that means. And yes I have the cd v13
  7. I installed stuff but nothing changed
  8. No it just says "Animation Master has stopped working" I think.. When that pops up there is a loading bar say windows is trying to find a solution to the problem. Then it shuts down
  9. Sooo i had animation master on a computer but i got a new laptop so i install animation master v13. Then as soon as i open it it just says Animation master has encountered a problem and then it shuts down. So what do i do?
  10. The File location is. " localdisk/programfiles/hashinc/data/actions" How do I do that.
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