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  1. I know this thread is old but I have just seen your film. Fascinating, creepy and extraordinary. Well done sir! -SE
  2. Hi all - I'm considering upgrading my old version to the latest and greatest. If I were to upgrade to the current version with a non-expiring version what would this cost? Sorry if this has been answered but I looked around and didn't find the answer. Regards, -Doug
  3. Nice work, looks great but I'd love to see a closer shot with all that detail. Cool stuff. ..d
  4. Just beautiful, incredible work Dusan! Every post I find myself staring at the monitor with my jaw on the floor. I cannot wait to see where this goes. ..d
  5. Odog - I would also head over to the radiosity section of this forum. There is a wealth of info there and many of your questions have already been both asked and answered there. My "personal lighting study" thread has alot of info (not from me but many others)that address some of the points that Will made re: color of glass, refraction, caustics, etc. Best of luck with your project. ..doug
  6. Superb and insane detail! Wowie. Is this for personal work or for a job? Will we get a walk through? Great job as always. ..doug
  7. Yeah I still have my "rough cut" saved somewhere. I hope you get back to it, cuz I thought it was going really well. I often wonder the same thing though with my unbelievably long project. What if when I get it complete it sucks? And then i just have to put that out of my mind. hehe Anyhow, back to your thread. Cool stuff. ..doug
  8. Jeepers that is terriffic animation ! Nice characters and rendering to boot. Yeah, this guy was from "Clothesline". David, what's up with that? Enquiring minds want to know. ..doug
  9. Hiya Zaryin - Great progress, very nice changes and the hair is swell. How about adding a touch of yellow (mild), in keeping with the earth tones it could be fall leaves. Just a thought. Might be a nice contrast. Then again it might look like puke. hehe ..doug
  10. Jamagica - Actually no I don't. I'll have to think on that (whether or not it's necessary for the short). Thanks for the suggestion. ..doug
  11. Hi Jeff - I too think she is looking pretty darn cool. My opinion (for what it's worth to you) is that her forehead, esp from a front view seems very broad. Coupled with the high forehead that you've given her makes her look more masculine, to my eyes. edit - upon a further look and thinking about it some more, maybe what i'm seeing is not enough definition on the forehead and temples. Maybe if there were a tad more detail there it might "feminize" her a bit. I love the lighting tests you're doing, in particular the one Frank commented on. Very cool. ..doug
  12. Hi Ross - I'd like to see a brighter render as I'm having a tough time seeing any detail. ..doug
  13. Frank - Is she in a pose in the screenshot or did you model her with arms down? I'm just curious as I thought conventional wisdom was to model in the T pose. She's looking good. ..doug
  14. Thanks ddustin and Zaryin for your comments ! ..doug
  15. Hmmm ... well it's not quite a freak out but I wanted to keep on with the testing. Attached is another test, and though not perfect in any sense, I think the rig is going to work with what I have planned for this character. Looks like I'll be off this project for a while so here is the last post unless it's "fit in" time. ..doug Rig_Test_7.mov
  16. Still at it ... attached is a test utilizing the new rig (rendered in QT Sorenson 3). ..doug 2006_Rig_Test.mov
  17. Phew! Went back to square one and rerigged this guy following David Roger's steps in the A:M 2002 Handbook. I'm so glad I did. Not only did I learn a ton but I've made significant progress. Next up rigging his eyes and lids. Thanks for all the help and suggestions Ganthofer. ..doug
  18. That's a nice clip Dale. Nice lighting and fx work. Cool ! ..doug
  19. Satyajit - I have looked at your posts in the anime section many times and am so glad to see your update. Pardon the gushing nature of this post but ... your character composited with the backgrounds looks so beautiful ! I don't know if you will be doing your whole film in this manner but I am hopeful you can achieve this look throughout. It is marvelous and full of style and personality. Geez, can you tell I'm a fan of your work? Keep on !!!!! ..doug
  20. I love this guy ! Great job. ..doug
  21. Fantastic ! His eyes are perfect - sad, thoughtful. Very impressive stuff. ..doug
  22. Welcome back Marboxian ! Love this ... creature. ..doug
  23. Hi Slide - I think the characters are very cool. The only problem I have is in the render you have posted the bluish background has no depth so the feet don't look planted. Also, perhaps it's the lighting but the feet lack definition, the look very "flat" in terms of color/texture. Hope to see more of your work. ..doug
  24. Thanks for chiming in Ganthofer. I appreciate it. Regarding the splinage .... funny that I thought i was being light. Exactly where do you think I should eliminate splines - in the hip region or overall? I'm open to anything to get this fella rigged properly. Attached is a side view, and Bones view. Thanks again. ..doug
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