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  1. this is my second bass and i have spent some time on this one its not done yet but there is alot of detail in it .
  2. i need some help figuring out what i need to do. i think it looks good but it could be much better. here is mine and the picture im using for reference.
  3. some new things. let me know what you think
  4. sorry had already put a post baout it but i forgot to get a new one.
  5. this is what i have done so far itstill need alittle work but its getting better the reason the red is there so i can see the difference. tips and suggestions are helpful Thanks Knighthawk
  6. i know there are still some problems with it the only thing is the hood thats really bugging me, any ideas. othere that the few little things this is going pretty well.
  7. Ifound a new thinhg to make it may be alittle easier that my last idea. i found and awsome picture and its just perfect. check it out tell me what youthink and any hints or tips on what to do. Thanks, Knighthawk
  8. i would like to drw my own but would a figure of itr be a good place to start and get some of the shapes down and maybe some depths
  9. no but i have done some other work that arent as difficult but where still hard. this coat was something i started but got deleted sadly.
  10. where would i find one of these editors or creators?
  11. i have the forearm started but im having problems trying to figure out where to start next and it not a good pic of Marcus anyone have any thoughs?
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