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  1. Hey Rodney ,Thanks for the tip looks very usable. I still remember you from the "Hash Bash" we even went to that Big Book store with the Hash Guys. All the Best to you and yours, be well, Steve
  2. Hi Rob, Thank You for your reply. Yes something like the example you posted above would work perfectly. If I extrude a circle (as above) or oval, is there a particular tool, plug in or process I can use to have the text follow the inner circumference as you have have shown above?, I hope circumference is right, geometry was very a hard class for me, between that and Spanish I ended up in Wood Shop, Thank You again . Any advice or suggestions are sincerely appreciated. The best of health to all out there, Steve (mulls on the forum)
  3. Sorry for the delay guys, thee experts are at it again. The best way I can describe it is to use a few excellent examples, If you can picture the text around the inside of this oval frame , may even be more attractive than a circle. Flip the oval 90 degrees to the right, then picture if you can "Tremendous Tulips" on the top interior of the oval "Flowers For All Occasions " on the Bottom interior of the oval. It is for my brothers trademark. There are certain size limitations, I am not concerned about the spinning. If I can just get the text inside a fabricated oval, maybe even add a tulip in the the middle(absolutely not necessary). I can shrink the the image to satisfy the Trademark Dept. I just like the 3rd dimension to give it a little depth. Eventually he would like to print the same image on his business cards. Again,Yoda64, Fuchur, Robcat, Rodney, Nancy, Will Sutton, Jason, Martin Hash and Family the list is endless. I hope with all my heart the you all stay healthy and well. If it all fell to pieces tomorrow, I will never forget your kindness and willing to give unselfishly of your time. It is incredibly generous, my hat is off to you all, Steve (mulls on the forum)
  4. I hate to admit. It has been a while since I have used AM ,although I have been here since version 8.5. I would like to make a perfect circle3d if possible and add text around the interior rim circularly and if possible make it spin. Hope all is well in the Am Community, Martin and Family,Jason, Robcat, Fuchur, Rodney,Yoda64,Will Sutton,JohnL3D, Nancy the list is endless all of you have have helped me so much in the past. God Bless All in the AM Community. Happy and Blessed Easter To All !!! may you and yours be safe and well, Steve (mulls on the forum) i stlll remember the "Hash Bash" Great time and memory (0
  5. What a great positive thing to do!!! Your advice has helped me many times on the forum. Best of HEALTH, SAFETY, TO YOU, YOURS AND EVERYONE!!! YOU ROCK DUDE !!! Steve
  6. Tried a 5.5 meg obj. I had took 7 mins hung at 20% and 60% but they usually finish if you let them go been a while but it seems the AM import time was greatly reduced by quad import vs triangles if possible or if possible try lwo. vs obj. depending on the apps you are using
  7. Put 10 preview on one win 7 one win 8.1 love it compared to 8 like coming back home . I think it was someone here who said it is every other windows version that is good win vista ? win 7 + win 8 ? win 10 +++ so far as I can see the free upgrade will stop a lot of problems it would seem. I have had one win 7 update go bad where I had to roll back ,but as Fuchur said when you look at the statistics failure rate wise I cannot possibly complain. Might stop my constant procrastination about backups .
  8. Lucked out got the set on E Bay for $50.00. Still completely blown away by the sophistication of this stuff both the animation and the story lines talk about super talent and hard work. Amazing !!!
  9. used to import obj quite frequently import was much faster if you have an un triangulate feature in the software and can change all parts that look okay to quads as I remember . I will compare the two and post my results MODEL ON modelers !!!
  10. works well for me thanks for the heads up and thanks always Steffen
  11. nice use of the feature Rodney I didn't even realize the potential existed thanks for taking the time and posting the clip
  13. Thanks Rodney good stuff
  14. seems to be limited to projects I had previously saved with an wave audio track never got error on old computer online search says check for latest audio driver etc MSI MB CMEDIA HD audio on board. Get the error when closing project or the end of a AVI render ver 17 g 32 or 64 bit any thoughts or help are appreciated
  15. Best to you and yours Happiest Birthday !!! And Thank you always
  16. An MODEL example of how well support and development can be done , Enough cannot be said a continual pleasantry . thanks to all involved all the excellent forum support as well truly in a class by itself GO AM !!!
  17. Happy Birthday !!! Thank You for the awesome commitment and contributions to the AM Community !!!
  18. You the man Jason HAPPY BIRTHDAY and LEAP DAY ??? as stated above your endless dedication IS ENDLESSLY APPRECIATED
  19. Steve Happy Birthday Thanks for alll your hard work and great tutorials !!!
  20. Is it possible for me to try it ??can you email it or can I download it some where ?? thanks so much
  21. Mark do you have a setup for the Setup machine rig ?? I have been looking at your 2008 rig looks great thanks for all the hard work . Haven't had time to try to re rig with it I used the setup machine for quite a while , Thanks again for any info or help Steve
  22. Happy Birthday !!! Thank You for your dedication and excellent work being an integral part of the development of Animation Master,Enjoy the Holidays and year to come !!! Steve
  23. This is a great book for anyone from where I sit has helped me a great deal,I accidently bought a second one in good used condition w/CD thinking it was different than the one I had,the ISBN# is 1-58450-475-7 c2007,I don't need two if anyone is interested,I could sell it for $7.00 and 5.00 shipping in the USA email if interested mullhull@verizon.net. Happy Holidays to Everyone all the HASH gang Yoda ,Jason all you guys on the forum for the support ,thanks for another year of fantastic software VER 16 is super promising,Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season !!! Steve
  24. I used to work on a network where we had a 30 seat lab of AM for high school.It was a Mac lab however I have worked pretty extensively with privledges for kids paths to servers for server based software etc. with win xp if you can't get it working I could ask you to send a few screen shots from one of kids workstations email me if you like mullhull@verizon.net Great to hear about AM in education anytime !!! Steve
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