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    I'm an all-round filmmaker. I do animation, directing, camera operation, sound design, motion graphics design, soundtrack creation, background landscape mattes, Special effects, the works. I'm currently working on a motion picture at hand called "Against The Author, The Beginning of the End" using Hash's Animation Master v13.
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    Small Island Productions
  1. Yeah, we have 2 backup drives for finished compiled project files, and a third backup drive for all 3D renderer videos and final compositions. Yes, we do plan on it being about 40 to 1h 30 mins, my guess is that it will be around an hour.
  2. Hey Guys, It's Simon, Director and Animator for SIP's longest running 3D Production, Against The Author, The Beginning of the End. I just thought after recently returning to browse the Animation Master Forums that I should stop in and post a little preview on how things are going with ATA. Well, the movie was suppose to be released Winter 2006, and, a few weeks before release, we had a system crash and lost most of our work. Yet, after re-installation of Animation Master and all other needed programs, SIP is well underway in producing Against The Author again, with the new release date set for later this year. The movie itself is a 3D Animated Action/Comedy, expected to be released as a PG-13. The length of the movie will range anywhere from 40 minutes to a 1 hour 30 minute motion picture. This itself seems like an ambitious project, yet, only primary animation work is designed in A:M, most locations, and non-humanoid objects are created in Vue 6 Infinite, and then composed in 3D with the Animation Master footage. Just to give you a preview of what we've managed to save and re-create, I've included a few pictures of final frames, as well as props and locations. (Just to tip you off before you comment, yes, they are the Eddie Model) Frame from Scene 1, Shot 6 ATA1.bmp Frame from Scene 1, Shot 4 ATA2.bmp Still Global Radiosity shot of Descent Tower Missile System Descent_Tower_Missile_System.bmp Any comments or questions, feel free to fire away, or for more information, please visit the ATA Official Website. - Thanks
  3. Thanks. Yes, actually, we have noticed some people appear at the website and only see the picture, or only hear the music. This is due to the fact that the computer that the viewer is working on has an out-dated version of the Flash Player, (they are currently on version 9). Ok, well, thanks for the comments, it will be interesting to show it the A:M World, the critique is always so helpful here.
  4. Thanks guys, I will take it upon myself to install playback controls onto the video. Yes, you made a good point Jake, I have not actually tested the site on Mac systems, yet it has worked fine with several regular-speed internet connections on Windows computers, either way, I'll install some playback controls for the video. Either way, thanks for all the comments.
  5. Hello all, This is Simon, president of Small Island Productions and Director of Against The Author. We have been working on a 3D Animated Motion Picture Event since April 2004. I have posted before, yet not often, as I usually am too busy actually working on it. The good news is, we are almost finished, and actually plan on releasing it Winter this year. We recently premiered an Interactive Trailer at the Osceola Performing Arts Center in Florida, in front of over 700 Arts Students from Central Florida. If you wish, you may visit the Against The Author Official Website at www.againsttheauthor.com , where it is also possible to watch the entire footage reel from the actual premiere of the Trailer. --(fast connection required for playback of video in real-time)-- In other news, please keep in mind that the entire animation and compositing for the Trailer was created exclusively for the event, and are not actually shots from the Motion Picture itself. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy exploring the website...
  6. Yeah, I'll be making it, well, brighter, bolder and more graphical when I get the chance...
  7. heh...yeah, The Beginning of the End is the subname...it doesn't refer to the amount of progress on the motion picture itself.... and the website...well...I did say it needed updating...so don't put that down just yet...
  8. Against The Author, The Beginning of the End Update Hello everyone. I know, I haven't posted in ages, probably most of you have forgotten this production even existed, but yes, we are moving along happily and are well on schedule to having ATA released Winter 2006. ATA, for all who don't know, is a movie that's premise revolves around three teenagers who accidently get superpowers and have to destroy and army of 10,000 killing machines on a deserted island led by a demonic dictator and her sidekick. I know, a little farfetched, just wait till you see it before you knock it, So, yes, I recently viewed the forums in order to update myself to 13b, (which I love the whole newton thing by the way...) and i decided to update the A:M community on the progress of the motion picture. For more information, and to view our website (which may need updating...) click here Thanks guys, talk to you more in Winter...
  9. Oh, by the way, I'm not sure if this makes any difference to anyone here but I have added a link for the ATA Online Store.. http://www.cafepress.com/atamovie Ok, have fun looking around there...still under construction... By the way, I have added a quick picture of one of the scenes for ATA, I know I wasn't going to release anything, but I got bored...so there it is... any comments welcome... (Before anyone says anything, yes, I know the characters are based off 'Eddie')
  10. Hey Guys, Simon here, (a.k.a. Guernseyfreak ) I'm not sure if anyone out there remembers the Against The Author (ATA) Motion Picture I was directing, after all, I haven't posted in such a long time... Um.... to update from last time I told you about the movie. Yes, of course it is being made in Animation Master, Version 11 I think. A couple of months back we had a major system crash and lost a year and a half of work on it, but now we are back on track thanks to a very dedicated team. Since last time I posted I have been trained with the New York Film Academy and done backstage work for Universal Studios, promoting a Universal Studios in Japan, so hopefully my film-making has got better Still, I'm the only person actually animating the motion picture, and on one computer, just like planned I won't be posting any pictures, sorry, we decided to wait until later in Production until we did that. The Website is still http://www.againsttheauthor.com , but I have yet to update it since we had the system crash. The Forums for ATA are at http://ataforum.cjb.net The Production Company Name I am using is called 'Small Island Productions' and that has a portfolio website of all our works. By The Way, The Movie is either going to be released in Feb. 2006, or on April 27th 2006, due to past events. Ok, Any comments welcome, it will be good to hear from some A:M People, I haven't said 'Hi' in ages!
  11. Ok, I fixed the web chat page now for Against The Author, it also has music, but it may take a little longer to load on dial-up computers. http://www.simons-magic.com/webchat.htm
  12. Hey Guys, I haven't posted in a while about Against The Author (I think), and I was just posting to say that it is going great. Can't wait for it to be released in Winter. Anyway, I just updated the site, Click Here to see it! It has a web chat page now (the first link on the inside page), please post any comments there, or just use it as a guestbook, thanks! I attached a quick snapshot of one of the basic scenes to this message...
  13. Oh, ok, thanks anyway though! Cool render by the way!
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