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  1. You can use standard label stickers. If you can't find small ones, you can cut larger onces into small pieces. Thanks for the reply and the help, I'll keep this in consideration if I decide to come back to AM
  2. You need some marker stickers on the face, like you can see in the demo video. At this moment only AVI files are supported. DO they have to be some kind of special sticker? Sorry for sounding dumb I just have never worked with motion capture before especially one like this.
  3. So for AM track you don't need any sensors or anything? Just a video file of the face from the front and them talking? Also what kind of video file does it have to be?
  4. Hey I had AM a year or so back and got busy and ended up giving it up and now am considering coming back to it. My question does anyone know about any decent and affordable motion capture suits that are compatible with AM as well as maybe some tutorials for it. Thank you all for your time and I am sorry if this has already been posted.
  5. Well luckily for me I wil be doing al of the editing inA:M so I just need to splice it together so windows movie maker will work just fine Plus I might use some of the transistions. Plus it is free.....
  6. Thanks for all of your help guys!
  7. How do I go about putting the various choreographies in my project together when I render? So it plays the first Chor then the second once that one is done and so on and so forth.
  8. Thanks I will try it out and see what results I get.
  9. Sorry for the delay in the reply. To luckbat.I am not very good at rigging past the basics..How to do get the bone to move only on the z axis?
  10. How do I go about rigging the bones in a hand gun model so that the chamber slided when the gun fires and is cocked? I can't seem to get the bones right....
  11. I tried searching the ARM for one but it seems to be down, and I was wondering if anyone had a good dynamics tutorial for a beginner the one in the A:M guide boox really does not cover or explain anything it just shows you how to do that one poject which is good and can be used for diferent things but isn't there more that dynamics can be used for?
  12. Thanks to everyone for the replies and help I got it working the way I wanted and thank you for your patience. Also I apologize for asking so many questions. I am just used to other animation programs where the keyframes work differently so thats how I was invisioning it. My bad.
  13. How do you do that? Also to LurkerAbove thanks for your help it worked exactly like I wanted it to. But I do have another question I decided to see if I could have him pick up something and drink it after yawning but after I moves any bones even if I create a new keyframe after the yawn...He transitions into that bone position from the beginning of the animation instead of from the keyframe I make after the yawn......Because I made the keyframe after the yawn and then went ahead the amount of frames I wanted and made the proper bone movements but ity transitions to that from the WHOLE animation not just from one keyframe to another...Which is annoying...Sorry for being so bad at this but I am splitting my time bewtween work and 3 other projects AND A:M so I just do not have time right now to fumble around for hours figuring it out myself......Sorry to sound lazy and undedicated but I am trying to balance my time effectively so I am using the resources I have available.
  14. OK I will include screenshots and my project file. Basically this is what happens I wanted to test a simple animation to practice my skills with and it uses all the default stuff that comes wit A:M and what I was trying to do was have the knight model walk along a path using the walk(exausted) action and then at the end of the path yawn using the yawn action at the end of the path but it keeps puting the yawn ino the cnstrain to path and I dont know why. Meaning the last part o him moving along the path he is yawning... here is the screenshots and project file so you can understand more. Just open the project file and play the animation then seek all the way to the end which if I remember correctly is 31 seconds and 1 frame. Then just simply add the yawn action to the knight and play the animation again and you will understand what I mean. Anywyas here re the pics and project fie. This is thescreenshot from BEFORE I add the yawn action And this is the one from after I ad the yawn action see how the knight is back on the path instead of at the end of it.... Anyws here is the project file. Drink.zip
  15. Hey thanks for the help and awesome descriptions and even the project file. I appreciate it and it works great and if I have any questions or problems I will be sure to ask.
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